4.4 Millions iPhone Users Sued Google For Collecting Personal Data

Google Sued – For the past couples of days, I’ve been receiving all manner of “Update of Privacy Policy and Agreement” from different company’s in compliance with GDPR  (General Data Protection Regulation) for all individual within EU.

The fear of GDPR is the beginning of wisdom. About 4.4 Million iPhone users have sued Google or its parent company Alphabet for collecting personal data.

If the case is successful, each individual could receive £750 (N361,414) pounds from Google.

Complaints are coming from users of Apple’s iPhones. They have formed a group called Google You Owe Us and have sued the tech giant for compensation that could run into billions of dollars, if the court decrees so.

google sued

Their main complaint is that their personal details have been wrongfully collected by Google though their devices have a data protection given by Apple.

Google, according to them, managed to bypass the settings. Interestingly much of this information has been obtained from the documents filed by Google in a court in London.

However, Alphabet the parent company of Google denied the allegations made in the suit and has further questioned the jurisdiction of the London court.

The group said that Google used an algorithm that allowed developers to track a user’s browsing history and collect personal information. The algorithm acted to get around the default settings of Apple’s Safari browser, which blocked third-party tracking via cookies.

Like I said above, if this case is successful, each individual will be smiling to the bank.

Souce: Fortune.com

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21 thoughts on “4.4 Millions iPhone Users Sued Google For Collecting Personal Data”

  1. Fingers crossed, let’s see how the situation unfold. Now big tech company will be conscious of security now than ever before.

  2. Ah! Sho!
    How i wish am among those who sued Google.
    Anyways the should just do things right.
    That’s all.

  3. Google is collecting personal data to so it could give us more personalised experience.

    Automatically of you are logged in to your Google account on your devices, you browsers activities are logged. Likewise if your device has your Google account on it, it records all your activities, the apps you open, the places you’ve been to, how long you stayed in that place, and so many other terrifying data about you.

    You can go back to Nokia 3310 the older kind. That way no internet and no data collection by all these internet Giants.

    It is dangerous if someone else get a hold of the data Google is collecting.

  4. How I wish we can do this in Nigeria Telcos and bank will remove our money and nobody will say anything

  5. Loll, why sue Google. Google only means the best for us all. this is funny though, the financial claims are quite high


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