20 Business Ideas You Can Start With N100k or Less

This post was originally shared by @boda_lanre on twitter, 20 business  ideas you can start with 100k or less.


Some of you have little cash with you but lack business ideas on what to do with the cash and how to grow the cash but this business ideas will guide you through on which of the businesses you can start.

1. Bedsheet/Beddings Production. Pay a visit to Lagos Island, or Oshodi where they sell bulk materials, pick good designs and there are guys who will sew it for you within the same market. You can start with less than 100K and diligently grow your money.

20 business ideas

2. Shirt Production: A sweet side hustles. There are tailors in Lagos Island or environs or you can better learn the skill it will save you all the heartbreaks imaginable. Taiwo street in Lagos Island is where you should be. Materials ranging from N700 – N1000 per yard, sew for N1500/2k and sell for N5000 – N7000


3. Aba Market: Schedule a trip to Aba Market, The cost of production of boxers, you can get one for as low as N300, all you need is to package it in 3s, and market these babies properly or better still beg your friends on twitter for RTs, we men buy 3s pack boxers for N1500-N2500… You can sell yours little lower than that and gradually grow your profit.


4. E-Payment and POS Business: You can get a POS Machine from your bank and activate online banking: if you live in a place where banks aren’t much you can handle e-payments for people and make your small change. I paid someone N200 to withdraw 10k in Ikorodu. ATM queue was crazy.

5. Mobile and Electronic Accessories: Such as Pouches, Chargers, USB cables HDMI cables, earphones and more can be sourced from Alibaba, AliExpress, Deal Extreme etc. I once posted something related to that few years ago here. The more you buy the lower the price. And they are lite so shipping won’t be a burden. You can sell it on Jumia or Instagram etc.

6. POP Corn: We all know this guy, we buy every time… Bags of corn, branded Nylon, sugar, salt and butter. The beauty of this is when properly made, the aroma will attract its customers.

20 business ideas

Manual sealing machine is sold for 7/9k, popcorn machine on Jumia is sold for 65k and remember that everybody likes popcorn.

7. Snail Farming: In Nigeria, snail farming is more popular due to its relatively cheap cost of startup and if you market your products well, your business will thrive. This is a business you can start from your backyard, they millions of eggs but patience is required as it can take almost a year to mature. I can link you with someone who can guide you through in this if you are interested.


8. Fairly Used Clothes: Such as Jeans, Tops, t-shirts, shoes etc. They could be sourced at Badagry, even Cotonou. 100K can’t get you a bale but you can select and mix them. Wash them and package neatly. Good packaging will bring you more customers… hence you’ll see your money multiply.

9. Cleaning Services: Some workers are so busy throughout the day that they find cleaning their apartment burdensome, and even their weekends are all engaged. You can simply engage in this service and make your money from it. The more apartments you clean during the weekend, the more money you make.

10. Home Cooking and Delivery: Most especially for our ladies or house wives or guys who love to cook. You can cook a variety of meals well, and apply customer services. People will pay good money for your services. You don’t even need a store to start. You can run it from your home.

20 business ideas
Afang soup

Marketing your services on twitter, facebook and instagram will get you your first 100 clients.

Remember that first impression count.

11. Digital Marketing: the success of any business is in the ability to effectively reach its teeming customers… and this can be achieve via effective marketing. Get a used laptop and smartphone; temporarily your smartphone can act as your hotspot. Passion and persistent is the key.

12. Internet Services: Forget the extensive coverage of internet and the fact that people can assess it on their phones; do you know how much applicants pay just to have jamb applications filled online? You need a good system, printer and ISP. People as much as 1k per application.


13. Production of Zobo, Smoothies, cocktail, small chops, cupcakes and chinchin. The importance of this combo can’t be ruled out. You can render these services with 100k startup capital + proper marketing, branding and packaging.

14. Cakes and Confectionery: This is one business that always comes to play, when people celebrate birthdays, party or wedding and guess what, bakers are always consulted. You’ll do well if you can acquire skill in this area. I know of a celebrity baker who only bakes for celebrities.

15. Aso-Oke Beading and Stoning has become sometimes in vogue now, and this is another sweet business one can start with 100k. You just have to learn how to bead and unlock your creative mind.

16. Bead Making: I’m not sure there’s really much to say here. All you need is training, passion, creativity, unique designs and styles, then adequate marketing. You absolutely don’t need 100k to start this.

20 business ideas

17. Home Service Barber: This is another profitable small scale business. The beautiful thing about this is you bring your services to your clients for an extra token above regular. The starting capital to get the equipment and I’m sure you know we have rechargeable clippers.

18. Tutorial Classes: No matter your age, this is another well paying job, either as part-time or full-time. Many families are willing to spend what it takes for their children’s success and there’s one subject you’re well versed at. Just close the gap, meet their need for a fee.

19. Adire: This is most common in Abeokuta Nigeria where you can get one adire for N2000 and sell for N5000. Guys/ladies use it to sow befitting dresses, stylish dresses etc. You can even act as a mini supplier to tailors and other people who wish to resell them.

20. Re-invest your seed capital in an existing business. Not everyone has the head for business but they can sniff opportunities. You can always sow your money as operating capital and draft an agreement on profit sharing.

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  1. This is a very lovely post and it will really inspire someone who has been tying down their money… Poultry farming is another very nice one you can start with less than a 100k. Am already writing a business plan to start up with number 13 on a grand scale

  2. Thanks prof for this educative, informative and motivational post. I searched lot of business ideas that I would like to tap into.

    • Wow! Happy birthday to you bro,
      today is a special day, a day to be happy all through. I’m so glad you made it this far. God will specially favor you, grant you new opportunities in life and prosper in all your endeavors. Happy Birthday Bro!

      Please house, take few minutes to wish Cazorla a special happy birthday!

  3. Even before dis post, am already working on 3 already…but after reading this post…am going to add more to my establishment afterall to much no dey kill man

  4. Amazing post. I love d ideas. For ladies and even some guys who are willing to, make up, pedicure, manicure is still booming and with less than 100k u can start. Just find a cool spot, owning a shop is even better. let me suggest adding tying of gele to ur skills. Many women find it hard tying it so they look for people who are good at it. I know of someone who charges 1k per gele tied. And d customers are flowing.
    Hapi bday @Cazorla

  5. Happy birthday @cazola the lord that has kept you to see d light of 2day will keep you to see another today in 2019
    God bless u…oya share me my own amala online….
    Its an innovative and enlightening eye opening post
    Thumbs up bro…… More power to ur elbow am sure someone must grab an inspiration from it

  6. Am not sure if you’d see this. I have 1m lying in my account and i don’t know what business is most suitable for a student. I can’t stress myself and i don’t mind little but constant with not much risk tied to it. I thought about hire purchase (like here in abk, buy a bike lease to someone until he’s able to pay it back weekly with the agreed profit, i.e. 210k bike you buy to pay 350k back in 8 months), buying land and doing something or to resell later.
    I like the idea of cleaning you mentioned also.
    what do you think i can do?

    I’ll try to check tomorrow evening if there’s any reply from y’all

    • Nice why don’t u invest it in fashion business… Like selling of clothes, boxers, shoes etc… That’s if you think it can move in ur area… As a student, u will see yahoo guys in abk that buys expensive stuffs… I’m an importer so I can supply u qualify items, if interested 07032478437 …call or whatsapp

  7. Great post. I was checking constantly this weblog and
    I am inspired! Very helpful information particularly the ultimate part :
    ) I care for such information a lot. I was looking for this certain information for a long time.

    Thanks and best of luck.

  8. Oga Yomi, more oil to ur elbow…. Pls how about those retailing Multichoice subscriptions? Any idea on how dat works…


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