Do you really need 12GB RAM on a Smartphone or a Waste of time?

Do you think 12GB RAM is actually needed on a smartphone? If you are willing to cough out $1600 (N576,000), you can get a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with 1TB of storage, 12GB of RAM in either Ceramic Black or Ceramic White.

Android RAM management can be complex, When you start a new app and there isn’t enough RAM available, Android will kill an older app to free up memory.

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During the early days of Android smartphones, devices had 512MB of memory or maybe even 1GB. These were the humble beginnings of the smartphone revolution. Over time more memory was added.

By 2014, most high-end devices had 3GB of RAM and during 2016 and 2017 4GB became the de facto standard. Then the spec wars started. First came devices with 6GB, then 8GB, then 10GB, then 12GB — where will it end?

At a time when many laptops are still shipping with 8 GB (or even 4 GB in some cases), you have to question why a phone would need  up to 12 GB of RAM. The answer is a quick one: it doesn’t. In my opinion, 4GB is usable, between 6GB and 8GB is the sweet spot, and anything more is just a waste.

There are people who spend money on expensive luxury cars or designer watches. Those people can afford the 1TB Galaxy S10 Plus and won’t even think twice about the price. If you aren’t one of them, maybe consider getting a different variant and spend the rest of the money on something else.

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10 thoughts on “Do you really need 12GB RAM on a Smartphone or a Waste of time?”

    • I will appreciate more RAM on my phone any day any time. I multitask a lot, sometimes I can have up to 6-10 tabs open, split screen to use 2 apps and will really like to return to each app and see it where I left it. 4G RAM no longer serve my purpose, I need a bigger ram that can still holds my apps after restarting the phone if possible. That would be worth the buy.

  1. We should do a little research before jumping to conclusions.

    First mistake of this write-up is to believe that a 12gig RAM on phone is the same as a 4gig on laptop. In fact, a 4gig RAM of a laptop will crash any phone.
    A phone is no more an ordinary phone now. If you check Google play, you’ll be amazed with what you can load on your phone. You can even now run a program on your phone.
    When you run an app or game on your phone, it’s loaded into RAM. As long as an app is still in RAM, you can jump back into it where you left off without loading it afresh. This is why RAM is important for multitasking. The loaded apps stay there until your RAM fills up and needs to flush something to make room for something else. Now, imagine running a q-base programming software that you copied from you laptop, to continue on your phone and it crashes bcos the RAM couldn’t take it! I’m taking of hundreds of hours of not sleeping, crashing at once!!
    The only disadvantage of having more RAM is just the battery life, and what the new fast charge t change and liquid cooling systems in modern phones, this is even no more an issue!

  2. My phone has 6Ram but I have just 1.3 Ram reaming. So 12Ram is Not waste for me because it would give me peace of mind to install all the games, apps, and movies I wanted without any problem, while my phone will keep running smoothly.


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