OPPO Unveils 240W SUPERVOOC, Gives You 100% Charge in 9 Min

At the Mobile World Congress 2022 (MWC), Oppo has unveiled 240W SUPERVOOC Flash Charge that delivers a superpower charging speed.

It allows you to accomplish a full charge from 0% – 100% in just 9 minutes. Oppo has released a video that shows the 240W charger in action with a timer counting each second until the battery is at 100%.

Imagine the changes that could take place in how we manage the battery life on our smartphones if we could fully replenish the power in only 9 minutes.

However, OnePlus and Realme are planning to unveil later this year the 150W system that charges to 50% in only five minutes and fully replenishes the battery in 17 minutes. After 1,600 charging cycles at 150W, the battery will still have 80% of the original battery capacity.

The OPPO 240W charging system has no time frame of when it will be available on smartphones, besides. The disadvantage of having a faster charging rate on smartphones is that the battery won’t last long.

Watch the short video above and tell us what you think.


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