This Technology Will Replace Your Smartphone Few Years from Now

Technology evolves every day, and in the next couple of years; you’ll see more technologies that will blow your mind. Means of communications 25yrs ago are not the same in this present age, as everyone now has a smartphone.

You can do everything directly from your smartphone from sending mails, chatting, making calls, watching movies, etc. however, Software magnate; Bill gate has predicted a new type of technology that will likely replace your smartphone.

Bill Gate refers to the technology as an electronic tattoo developed by the company Chaotic Moon, a biotechnology-based technique that aims to analyze and collect information from the human body through it.

Among the data that this tattoo will store, there is initially talk of medical and sports information, with which it will be possible to prevent and control diseases, as well as improve physical and sports performance by means of vital signs.

How it Will Work on People

The secret sauce behind the electronic tattoo is the secret ink that is used to apply the electronic tattoo on the skin, along with a few tiny sensors and trackers. The special ink used to draw tattoos conducts electricity that will be used to send and receive information.

Gates wants electronic tattoos to replace smartphones

Gates’ idea, which has already been seen in several Hollywood movies, is that people can use the electronic tattoo developed by Chaotic Moon to call, send messages or look up an address.

Although it is not yet possible to speak of an approximate time for the electronic tattoo to be available, 

Bill Gates Believes that 

The electronic tattoos is a better choice than smartphones based on the following

  • Can track if any issues with your body that smartphones or smartwatches cannot.
  • Can track all the activities of your body with more accuracy, smartphones or smartwatch might need an external device for some things.
  • The seamless integration with the cloud to store your documents almost kills the need to carry them along, hence lowering the chance of losing the documents, whereas smartphones can be stolen.
  • Might help in reducing crimes.

For now, Gates and his team are looking for a way to use it to become the new device with which people carry out many of the things they do through smartphones.

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