How to Make Up to N10,000 Without Investing a Dime This Week

If you are urgently in need of money or looking for a way to make money this week, then LCredit loan app is the way to go.

You make money when you register, you make money when you refer someone, and you make money even when you collect loan and payback the loan.

Apart from the referral incentive, you will receive a ₦900 sign-up bonus as soon as you complete your registration on the app and seek a loan. The ₦900 may be withdrawn straight to your bank account at no additional cost, and you will be paid as soon as you request the withdrawal.

What is LCredit

It’s a financial app that lets you borrow money and pay it back later at a moderately high-interest rate. You may borrow money from the app and pay it back in 14 days, 61 days, or 180 days.

This is How it works

Simple Steps to Get Free Cash, and Loan on LCredit

Don’t Register as student

Click on this link here

??Input your phone number

??Click on get Verification code and an OTP will be sent to the phone number you supplied; verify it and input it in the second box

??Click on claim reward

??Click on download app  (Download the app from the page)

??Open the app

??Fill the form with your correct details

*When choosing income, don’t go for (0-50,000. Choose from 50,000 and above)*

??Set your account number

??When your profile is approved, click on apply for loan

??Whatever amount you see *Change it to #3000*

??Because #3000 is now the limit

 ??2370+ will be sent to your account

??Go to your my account, click on cash coupon there you will see extra #1500 which you can also withdraw instantly.

?? After withdrawing the 2370+ And  #1500

 *Then pay back #3000 loan and keep your profit*

If you haven’t register, you can register here

*Referring is not compulsory. But if you want to refer, you get #4000* ???

Lcredit loan app

Note: LCredit reserves the right to make changes to their referral program’s payout and incentive structure at any time, so you should act quickly while it’s still new and paying well.

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25 thoughts on “How to Make Up to N10,000 Without Investing a Dime This Week”

  1. I tried it, Applied for N3000 loan as you said, I was given 2370, Paid back , and still have extra N900+ profit. Not bad at all. Atleast this one can go for small recharge card.

      • It seems one must refer and your referral must complete their registration and possibly receive a loan before you can withdraw the 1500 to your bank account

        • No. Referral is not compulsory. Once you return your loan, you’ll be able to catch out the N1500.
          You don’t need any referral at all. I did the same.

  2. Hello prof it seems that the app is no longer available on playstore it keep displaying ” sorry try again ” anytime I click on download the app through there link.?

  3. Them no dey give shishi I tried it I borrowed 7k which I paid back on time but I wasn’t given anything like 1500.


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