MTN Bundle Completion, Borrow Airtime, Borrow Data and Cash – All you should know

MTN Bundle completion service is a service that allows a subscriber who wishes to purchase Data, XtraValue and Social Bundle but has insufficient airtime to complete the bundle purchase.

The service is available to all MTN customers who are eligible for the XtraTime/XtraByte service. To enjoy the Bundle Completion service customers must meet the following criteria;

MTN Bundle Completion services

Eligibility Criteria

>>Must be eligible for the Xtratime/Xtrabyte service

>>Must have an insufficient airtime balance.

>>Must have available XtraTime credit limit.

>>Must select a bundle that is within your allowed credit limit.

>>Must accept the Bundle completion service.

To activate a data bundle using Bundle Completion dial *606#; Customers will be credited with the lending band closest to the cost of the data bundle they want to activate and charged a 15% service charge on the airtime amount credited to complete your data bundle activation.

For Example: If a customer has N30 in his/her main account and want to activate the 150MB Weekly Plan for N300, the following will happen: The balance of N30 will be moved to their XtraTime account

XtraTime account will be credited with an additional N400 to complete their bundle because this is the closest lending band to accommodate the 15% service charge.

A total of N430 will be in the customer’s XtraTime account. (i.e. N30 that was moved from the main account + N400 Bundle completion loan).

The customer will be charged N360 for the bundle (i.e. Cost of the bundle + the 15% service charge). The balance of N70 will remain in the XtraTime account available for use.

Customers will NOT be able to use the XtraTime to pay their outstanding loan, they can only pay back their loan via: Physical Recharge, *904# or via Share and Sell services

Customers with an outstanding loan will still be able to activate a data bundle of choice provided they still have available credit limit to cover the cost of the bundle and the required service charge.


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