Is Apple Now Copying Android Features Available for Years?

I’m a lover of both operating systems and love how each of them uniquely stands out but it is important to draw the line here because there are numerous features in Apple’s latest operating system update for iPhones — iOS 16 — which have been available on Android for several years.

During the iOS 16 official launch on Monday, 12 September 2022, Apple emphasized safety features such as Car Crash Detection, which can automatically detect when users have been in an accident and send alerts to emergency contacts.

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However, this feature has been available in Google Pixel smartphones for three years.

The iPhone 14 Pro will also be the first of Apple’s smartphones to feature an Always-On display, launched on certain Android-based smartphones in 2016.

Though, several commentators called out Apple for calling some of these features innovative which already exist on some android devices for a while.

Here are some of the new features on iPhone which already exist on Android

  • Always-On Display — Debuted on the Samsung Galaxy J7 in 2016. Also featured on Nokia phones since 2008.
  • Car crash detection — Available on Google’s Pixel smartphones since 2019.
  • Fitness app support without smartwatch — Available for several years on Android via Google Fit or Samsung Health.
  • Haptic feedback on touch keyboard — Launched for Android 1.0 in January 2009.
  • Live Captions — Available in multiple languages on Android since 2019.
  • Multiple stops for Maps app — First launched on Google Maps in 2017.
  • Shared iCloud media libraries — Google Photos has allowed users to securely share libraries with others based on dates and content since 2017.
  • Unsend and snooze email — Since 2018, Gmail let users reverse sending an email up to 30 seconds after pressing send.

One feature that will be available on the iPhone 14 before the end of the year that no Android phone currently offers is satellite emergency communication.

Apple has developed an app which instructs users where to point their phone and an algorithm that compresses messages into sendable packages for use in emergencies where no cellular network reception is available.


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4 thoughts on “Is Apple Now Copying Android Features Available for Years?”

  1. – Apple isn’t the only one “copying” features here. Samsung took Apple’s feature that shows you a green dot when microphone and camera are being accessed by third-party apps.

    – Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc took Apple’s iCloud security features.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that Apple isn’t one to just roll out features without perfecting them. Think about fingerprint scanner and face ID.

    While Apple implemented these features and they worked great, Android devices couldn’t get fingerprint scanner perfect for about 2 years after Apple had it on iPhone 5S.

    Also, Android devices aren’t on the same level as iPhones when the face ID feature is concerned.

    In a way, these companies study their competition, get the features that’s bringing the sales in, add more improvements and then make it their own.


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