4 Best Alternative Desktop Browser to Google Chrome

Its no longer news that Chrome is one of the most popular desktop browser with over 60% market share.

The dominance over the browser market means that many users chose chrome over other desktop browsers. However, we have good alternative to Chrome which you can choose to use at any time.

4 Alternative to Chrome Desktop Browser

1. Opera : is a high-performing browser that is based on the same baseline technology as Chrome – Chromium. As a result, it can run many Chrome extensions – giving it an edge over most other Chrome alternatives.

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Opera offers nifty features of its own, too, including a social sidebar that integrates apps such as WhatsApp Web and Facebook Messenger into the browser. Turbo feature that compresses web pages

Download opera here

2. FireFox: This is Chrome most famous rival, with clean simple interface.

FireFox claims to be 30% lighter on memory than Chrome, potentially making it a fantastic choice for users looking for a less-intensive option.

Download FireFox here

3. Tor: is another browser you’ll love, and it’s a choice browser for dark web user.

If you are ever concern about the issue of privacy, then Tor is a browser to go for because it covers your ass. It is an iteration of firefox. The downside of  this browser is that it is slower  than other browsers due to the measure taken to secure your connection.

Download Tor browser here

4. Brave :

This is a new entrant into the market, like Opera, built on Chromium but doesn’t offer nearly as many Chrome extensions as Opera.

instead, it has carved out a unique niche for itself by removing all ads from every website you visit, before replacing these ads with its own.

Download Brave browser here

Let us know which browser you are currently using on Desktop?


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