mPulse Data Plan Currently working on Samsung Max VPN

This new VPN setting is currently working with mPulse data, meaning no need to use any configure file, no need of any Tunnel VPN or HTTPS injector, no need of any SSH account… Just download and fire on.

Samsung Max VPN is a replacement for Opera Max VPN and it currently works with MTN mPulse data plan without using any of the aforementioned tunneling vpn.

Where Can I Download Samsung Max?

mpulse data

First of all make sure you are on mPulse tarrif plan or dial *344*1# and subscribe for 1.2GB for N150

Download Samsung Max here

Launch the app and

Turn ON Privacy Protection and Data Saving mode.

Your mPulse data should connect after then. Keep surfing and enjoy it while it last.

Note: If you switch on the 2nd option, which is the privacy protection, you will notice a count-down time showing when the protection will expire; to remove that count-down timer, just tap on the app menu at the top left hand corner of your screen, select premium mode and switch it on, all for free.

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  1. Please help, how do i sub for the monthly sub? I migrated to mpulse on mymtnapp, but after following the process, i got am not due for data stuff… Please, kindly give process to do this from A-z. Thanks


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