Best Cheapest Data Plan For All Phones/PC in May 2015

Happy new month people, Keep soaring on every side. Never
give up on your dream too soon, the future is brighter and better.
Well, as a mobile internet users, Its good you know the plan
that is suitable for your device this month, and also latest available data plan. Never staff your device of data; it’s a sin in the smartphone market.

Airtel: Competition is extremely high now as all mobile
network is trying their possible best to be the market leader. In the past few
weeks, Airtel NG has introduce about two plan which are Airtel 2GB for N1500 and 4GB for N1,500. This both plan works endlessly on all device; but it is
most recommended for all Blackberry users.
Android and iPhone users should stay
away from this plan if not you’ll hate Airtel forever.
How Do I Subscribe For Airtel N1,500 for 2GB and 4GB on my
Blackberry Phone?

==>Dial *435# or send BBUM to 440 (2GB)
==>Dial *440*161# or send BBUM2 to 440 (4GB)
For Android, iPhone & PC Users

==>Dial *437*1# (4GB for #2,000)
==>Dial *438*1# (9GB for #3,500)
Etislat: There seems a little re-adjustment in Etislat Data
plan this past few weeks as they secretly introduce two amazing plan 1GB for #1,000 and 2GB for #2,000. Initially, N1,000 only gives you 260MB but now the
difference is clear. The both plan works on all device and I’m sure it will
last you longer than their elder brother data plan above.
How Can I Get This Plan?

==>Dial  *229*2*7#
to activate 1GB data plan
==>Dial *229*2*8# to activate 2GB data plan
This plan won’t work on Blackberry OS7 users. And to all the
IMEI tweakers, Get an infinix hot note imei with an unused etisalat sim, send
data to 8186 and you’ll get free 500MB.
MTN:  Mtn better me
data plan still rocks and that seems to be the cheapest directly from Mtn
platform as at the moment, 2015MB for #2015 I think its fair enough.  It works on all platform. But for heavy downloaders
on PC and Android, BB10 Daily bis still rocks for N70 unlimited download; if
you don’t know about it click here
And to all Infinix hot note MTN tweakers, it still rocks,
get an infinix hot note with a new MTN sim, tweak as usual and you’ll get free
2GB within seconds.
Glo: Nothing much to say about this network, as to me Its
still the best because Glo BIS works endlessly on MTK Android device and BB10
smartphones and the data can be accumulated. Imagine you getting 6GB for N2,000
to last you for 2Months. This sound good!
What Plan are you currently using on your PC, Android,
Blackberry and Nokia, and Windows phone?
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41 thoughts on “Best Cheapest Data Plan For All Phones/PC in May 2015”

    • Hello Adams,
      Sorry if you can't subscribe, I can't do anything about it. Only Etisalat CC can. Guys have already floocked that thing that is why you are experiencing what you are experiencing.

  1. Nice one Prof
    Still flexing MTN + Simple server (60gig – 90gig every month on torrent movies. ALL KUDOS TO YOU
    Please do you have any Infinix imei that I can try

    • the 1k for 3gig works well on android after tweaking your imei to that of a bb
      2k for 6gig for 2 months is just resubscribibg even before it expires likewise 3k for 9 gig for 3 months but you can't go beyond this until you exhaust it.

    • Hello Amarachi, if you have been using your sim for a very long time, you don't need any eligibility. Just check dial *438*1#, if you get a message that you don't have insuffiecent bal, then you are eligible.

  2. Please prof how can i tweak my tecno l7 imei i have tried Engineering Mode…. Still it didn't work. Please help me.

    • Hello Gentleboss,
      Why not use Mobile Uncle to tweak your L7 Imei. Make sure you L7 is rooted before downloading mobile unlce from Playstore.

  3. Prof. Yomi, D man wey sabi….abeg add me 2 your whatsapp grup make I knw as e de go..08068338145…..chei!….igwegwegwe!!!

  4. Mr yomi,v folowd ur instruction for the 70n mtn bis app. it just not going. it only goes for 2minutes den stop. dose minutes are the 10mb dat i used. pls wat kin i do. funny enuff its no more conectin. as in my modem refused to connect

  5. Pls prof, hw can I use my glo bis on PC nd can etisalat biz be share with another or or PC through hotspot

    • Hello, you can only use your glo bis on modem through your android hotspot. It doesn't work with modem at the moment.

      Etisalat Bis can only be share to other devices if only you are using BlackBerry 10 smartphone

    • It depends on the network that is good in ur location. Etisalat 1gb for 1k is suitable for your lumia. Mtn better me data plan 2015mb for 2015 is also okay for you. I won't recommend airtel at all.

  6. Sup prof, seems Airtel is saying the 9gig n 4gig is a one time thing meaning you can't reuse after first activation. Have finished the 9gig and now on the 4gig which is remaining 907mb after 7days….. Am a very heavy data user, plus Airtel is the only network is 3gig here n there is no etisalat so please advice.

    • Yes oo, it's a one time thing and I don't know why they didn't inform us about it that it's a one time thing. Etisalat is not like Airtel hence you can't get that huge amount of data on eti network except 2gb for 2k


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