Airtel Blackberry Complete Plan Increased to 3GB for N1,400

Most telecom company seems to be sitting up this days,
though I don’t know what is ahead. Barely five (5) weeks after Airtel discontinue
the 1+1 Android offer that gives you 4GB for 2K or 9GB for N3,500; they just
introduce another upgrade on their existing Blackberry Complete plan.
According to the text Airtel NG sent to me, it says

Monthly Blackberry Complete plan now becomes 3GB and the still N1,400 valid for
30days… Usable on Blackberry devices ONLY”

Initially, this Blackberry Complete  gives  you 1GB for N1,400 and it works on all device.
But now that it has been increased to 3GB, something seems to be fishy
How Can I Subscribe to This Plan
Dial *431# to subscribe.
Does it work on other Device?
It has not been tried on any device. Though their last text
says ‘Valid on Blackberry Only’ but I believe when tried on other devices, it
will work.
The year 2015 is still fresh and they should keep up the
good work, but hope this doesn’t zap data as usual? If not, I comment my
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18 thoughts on “Airtel Blackberry Complete Plan Increased to 3GB for N1,400”

  1. Hi prof. pls i cant boot my tecno H5 to recovery mode. I guess I must have done something wrong with rom manager. I dont know what. prof pls help me out ooo
    and again, pls which laptop can i get at 100k thats got
    *quad core
    *8 GB ram
    *intel core i5
    pls reply
    Thanks. i appreciate all the posts u have been giving us. they have ben really helpful

    • but is the option still vissible? Option to boot into recovery mode…

      Unfortunately, you can't get 8GB Ram for that price. HP ENVY 15.6" Core i5 Laptop w/ 8GB, 750GB" goes for N131,000

    • Just like I said, I'm still having an active airtel subscription on my sim so I haven't tried this on any device at all. But if it work on Android, it will equally work on bb10 devices.

  2. Prof, Am Fred. I have to memory cards one is 16G the other is 2G, bothe card just stopped work a week after the other for reason unknown to me. Both cards are not visible on my device and laptop. please whats the cause of this and can i resurrect it in anyway? thanks

    • Hello fred,
      It simply means that your two SD card is been damaged either by your device or the SD cards are not original.
      I want you to try it on other device if it will pop up if not, they are damaged. Virus can also damaged memory card so check if ur devices are virus free.

  3. Hi @All I have tried it, but its working on BB phone only as they said. @Prof I don't know if there is any other APN tweak one can do to make it working on any other decice

  4. I recently flashed cwm recovery on my tecno p5 but each time I try to boot it to recovery it just boot normally to phone screen and have used mtk engineering app to boot it to recovery but ko boot


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