Airtel Introduced Another plan -N1,500 for N2GB – Is This Wisdom or …?

Does anybody still uses Airtel to browse? Right from the
very day they updated their blackberry plan to 3GB for N1,400, but only usable
on Blackberry phones which makes it useless on every other platform, I decline
using their products. Except for the fact that it has strong network reception
in  my locations. 

Just got this text message from a friend sent by Airtel  “Get 2GB for N1,500, Dial *435# or send bbum
to 440… usable on all device”
I thought for a second, and critically analyzed it with the
Android Plan which gives you 2GB for N2,000 and The Android 1+1 offer that
gives you 4GB for N2,000 & 9GB for N3500 (to last you for 2Months & 3
Months respectively
My conclusion: this plan is absolutely irrelevant at this
point in time. You too analyze it; why will you go for N1500 2GB plan when you know
you can get 4GB for N2,000? Why will you go for this plan, when you know that
Android plan charges data slower than this new plan?
This plan is recommended for this who don’t do much on the
internet and those who don’t spend much time on the internet. Its cheaper and
safer for them.
Will It Work on my Device?
 Yes, it works on all devices.
Let me here what you think about this plan.
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30 thoughts on “Airtel Introduced Another plan -N1,500 for N2GB – Is This Wisdom or …?”

  1. Airtel data finishes like magic.
    I bought the 9gig for my android but I almost cry. Didn't use it upto a month. I didn't download any movie except for softwares I downloaded.

  2. processor Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N2830 @2.16GHZ 2,16 GHz Installed memory (RAM) 2.00 gb (1.90 GB usable.

    pls mr yomi……my laptop is 2gb Ram but when ever I install pes or others games on it is use to slow alot…….am using window 7.

  3. Well done yomi!! Pls i dont know what is happen to blog is giving one error code what am i going to do and help me check i dont if u can help me upgrade it

    Pls add me on whatsapp group 08027866632

  4. Airtel is gradually dying gradually…. I learnt they've just introduce another plan that works on Blackberry and Android 1500 for 4GB.


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