Airtel Reduce Blackberry Data Plan to N1,000 3GB & Increased Normal Plan of N1,500 to 3GB

If there is any network I detest so
much because of the illegal data zapping 
is Airtel NG. Hopefully, this data reduction only favours those who are
using it on blackberry phones. 
Initially, this plan 3GB for N1400 was
introduced six months ago and it was tested to only work on Blackberry phones. it doesn’t work on Android nor iOS. But early hours of this morning, Airtel sent a text  confirming the
reduction to N1000 for the same 3GB.

Not just that but N1500 for 2GB plan
has now been increased to 3GB. This plan works on all device but I can’t
guarantee you if it will zap normal or not.

How Can I Subscribe?

==>For Blackberry phones only load
N1,000 and dial *440*1# for 3GB
==>For other devices load N1,500 and
dial *440*16# for 3GB.

The Airtel android plan still works on
all device, but with the latest info, N2,000 is now expensive for 2GB. This
current reduction is now competing with normal Glo blackberry plan.

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17 thoughts on “Airtel Reduce Blackberry Data Plan to N1,000 3GB & Increased Normal Plan of N1,500 to 3GB”

  1. So what's the difference between the new bundle of N1500 for 3GB and the Android bundle of 2k for 2GB? Airtel have proven over time that they are a rogue network who are not honest in their dealings with their customers and therefore can neither be trusted nor be taken seriously. And their fortunes and their customer base will keep on dwindling until they change their ways.

  2. it pop out an option of retry, update, and cancel…..when i clicked cancel with internet connection it started anstoped at 10%…..what do i do next?

  3. Mr Yomi well done. pls I need your assistant. my Samsung galaxy has stopped working with glo bb since yesterday morning. and have been using it more than a year ago. I didn't touch any setting in the phone and I observed that other techno phone withing my premises are working perfectly till now. pls anybody experiencing the samething .pls help me out


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