Telegram Launches Video Calling Feature

The instant messaging app, Telegram, has launched a video call service as part of activities marking its seventh anniversary.

In a blog post, the company said the video feature was added in response to the need for face-to-face communication as the world goes virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

telegram video call

Telegram’s latest version 7.0.0 brings an alpha version of Video calls along with new animated emoji. The new video call is protected with end-to-end encryption, with the security confirmed by matching emojis shown on-screen on both ends of the line.

How to Access Video Calling on Telegram

Video calling in Telegram is quite simple. Go to a contacts profile page and there will be a new button to start video calls. The interface is quite minimal now, with the ability to turn the video on or off, enabling quick switching between video and voice calls.

The feature supports picture-in-picture, which will let users scroll through chats in Telegram or multitask in the app without pausing the video. All calls will be end-to-end encrypted, using the same encryption as Telegram’s Secret Chats and Voice Calls.

Telegram added a fun way to verify encryption – simply compare the 4 emoji shown on the top of the video call with your friend. If it is the same, you can be assured that the call is encrypted. Support for group video calls will reportedly arrive later in the year.

Telegram’s video feature is coming about four years after its rival, WhatsApp, launched the same app in 2016.

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