On The Go – Unlimited Whatsapp Bundle From MTN

I believe this package is somehow important but you won’t
know its important until you are in an MBless situation and you needed to send
a Whatsapp message to your beloved one’s or so. Though MTN has been trying this
past few weeks with a lot of surprises to their customers and almost every
week, something new seems to be unfolding… I can’t really say what they will
unfold next week but I believe, something like Xmas surprises might come up…
For God sake, you too tell me, who will I call with free 6,000 min?

Early hours of this morning, I got a message from MTN and it
thus read “Enjoy Non-stop chatting on Whatsapp for as low as N60 monthly…” and
I’m pretty sure die-hard fans of Whatsapp will love this package. Since they
say its unlimited Whatsapp, it should work on all device.
How Can I Activate it?
Simply text WAM to 131 and N60 will be deducted from you MTN
account to last your for 30 days.
Meanwhile, MTN BIS still rocks with Simple Server both on
Android and PC. If you needed to download something heavy, just use the BBCDAY
or you switch to Etisalat PayG. And if you are an AIrtel user, the code below
might just do a wonder for you. Though it’s been posted before, but its still
Airtel 600MB
Dial the straight steps accordingly :
==> *141*13*50#
If you have a lucky sim you will get 200mb, 5mb and 1mb making it 394mb.
Let me run out of this thread.
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42 thoughts on “On The Go – Unlimited Whatsapp Bundle From MTN”

    • you can use it for months if you are careful with it but, i can still gurantee you one month all u need to do is to tweak your imei to get 50mb(gaga to 8180) just check online for the imei
      then connect normal

  1. Yomi pls, i av tried d simple server on android wt d bbcday plan but it did not work. I evn tried it wt anoda sim but same thing. Am sure d settings is correct cos av used it bfor d first time simple server was introduced on ds thread last yr i tink. Wat do u tink its rong. Av dey blocked it or do i need anoda app in addition to simple server for it to work.

    • yeah the inject line causes it all you need to do is to press your space bar 4times then write 4 thats all and dont forget to set simpleserver to listen port:8080 set from phone config

    • Use framaroot to root it
      Download framaroot
      Click on superSU
      Click on boromir
      And your device will be rooted.
      Restart ur device and den download rootchecker to check ur root authenticity

      When u re done rooting, you can den download Engineeringmode mtk to change ur imei

  2. you have a very wonderful blog
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