Etisalat Rocking On Your-Freedom On Pc & Android

Evening guys,  etisalat is seriously blazing with YF.. I posted
something like this sometimes ago and here it is now again.
This tutorial works on PC and works perfectly on Android
phones as well.

==>Open an account here
==> Download the latest Your-free here
==>Install and run as administrator.
==>Goto configure + server connection =
==>enter  port 53.
Connection mode=DNS. Tweak Nigeria Etisalat.
Then mark 3,5,7,9. Then minimum buffer size=1500.
Reconnection delay=5000, initial post size=10000000,
minimum= 20000, ftp mode= both, ssl protocol= Any.

==>input your username and password you used in
registering in the account information area save and exit.
==>Then goto the Ports and untick Web Port= 6050 or 6052 and tick back
that’s all.
==>Configure your browser like this
Proxy: and Port 6050 or 6052 depending on the one
you used on YF
APN: etisalat
Save and hit the connect button.
Works on Android phones, just download YF for android  here with the same configuration.
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41 thoughts on “Etisalat Rocking On Your-Freedom On Pc & Android”

  1. bros abeg my own nor browse connection always terminated but before that a dialogue box was always showing the connection wizard, after i changed the proxy it was still not browsing. please help.

  2. good morning prof please can you please enlighten we the Android users on the settings because it's quite different from that of PC thanks

    • If you have downloaded the current version of this tweak, you should see it under configurations then options. I used those numbers according to the options bro. on your android, just set your apn to etisalat username and password to etisalat. It will connect after then

  3. 'trying to establish connection to' I think its not connecting I did all the config as directed, so what do I do know please?

  4. @odogwu…which particular server are u using nd also wana knw whether its 32k or 128k mtn sim dt u re usin…cus mine stopped connectin

    • Hello Adebisi, i keep apologising to you everytime for not sending the dc unlocker to you.. Just needed to get a hold of it. But to be precise, what type of modem do you want to unlock so that i won't end up sending the wrong dc unlocker to you

    • to use bbm on your android, make sure you run os 4.0 and above, and go straight to play store and download bbm.. Run and install it on your device.. enter the required login details and you are good to go.

  5. Mr Yomi ,i don't know why my previous message was not been displayed .. please help me with the huawei e303 glo unlock code IME 867648012736409

    • Put another carrier sim inside the modem and wait and see if it displays unlock "enter unlock code". if it doesn't, then you don't need and unlock code for this modem. If it does i'll send you an unlock code.

    • Anonymous9 November 2013 07:15

      Mr Yomi ,i don't know why my previous message was not been displayed .. please help me with the huawei e303 glo unlock code IME 867648012736409


      To get network unlock code for your Huawei E303, use unlock code . You can get it from any of the online vendors like to unlock it .

  6. mr yomi airtel huawei e173-u2 ave already generated the hash code………………………am even thinking of upgrading my htc desire hd to android 4.0 is there any help about that cos i saw some tutorials at xda forum but i dont want to be too forward thanks..

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