Airtel Introduce Unlimited BBM Package For Android

Some few more weeks to padlock 2013 and I really hope our
beloveth telecommunications network provider will fully come back to their senses and
make a cheaper Android and iPhone data plan before we re-create additional
China hacker here in NG.

All the way, the journey of easy and cheaper browsing will
not come to end. Well, some couples of hours ago, I received a text from Airtel network introducing a new “unlimited bbm” sub on Android  device.With this new plan, you can chat with your peeps, friends
and family unlimited for just 30 days. 
How Can I Get This Unlimited BBM Android Plan?
==>Load #300 on your android phone
==>Dial  *440*22#
and the money will be deducted while they activate the plan for you.
Mind you, this plan 
to me is only men’t for those who don’t browse but only BBM; just like
some people got a blackberry phone just for the purpose of bbm only. So if you
know you don’t browse, but bbm on Android, this plan is suitable for you.
Can this plan work with Blackberry phone?
Ans: I haven’t tried it but I believe it can be tweak to
work with it.
Enjoy you weekend guys.
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15 thoughts on “Airtel Introduce Unlimited BBM Package For Android”

    • hello Enitan, don't judge me yet. i have already reply you since morning.. and this was my reply

      Hello Ade, you don't need to get crack cs5 when you can easily buy the original software for just #200. And if it's the key you are talkng about, i can show you how to crack the key

      You can check the thread where you posted the question and confirm it.

    • Data off to 131 automatically switched off you data. You won't be able to browse on your phone if you send data off to 131. but you are using a blackberry phone, you will be able to. Data On to 131 automatically turn on your data. With your data on, you can be able to browse the net.

      The reason why we normally send data off to 131 is simply because their are times mtn charges your credit instead of charging your mb which is not right.

      Well, just those two functions.


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