How To Open A Verified PayPal Account With Your Blackberry Phone

It has become so paramount these days for you to have a
foreign account before you can make payments or buy some vital things online.
Take for instance; so many people are unable to get their Droid vpn upgraded to
premium account because they don’t have a foreign account.
Hence, I will be sharing with us how you can easily create a
PayPal account that is globally accepted anywhere in the world  as a payment system using your blackberry

I was surfing through Nairaland when I saw this post on How to get a verified PayPal account; so I felt
its nice sharing the steps involved here since not everyone is aware of it;
hence, it will be beneficial to every body.

What Do I Need To Create A PayPal Account
Blackberry Phone
Active Bis Subscription
VBA (USA Virtual Bank Account)
How Can I Open A PayPal Account Using My Blackberry Phone
Your blackberry phone let you access Paypal website with a
foreign IP Address without the use of any software at all while the VBA allow
you to verify your PayPal account.
Step 1:  Open your
blackberry default browser  visit
This will check the location of your phone and you should see your IP address
as United Kingdom or otherwise; but not Nigeria.
Step 2: Generate your US phone number and address by going
to or
choose a suitable state and city and  you’ll get a list showing so many business
contact details (address and phone number) in the US. Copy down this details
somewhere safe.
Step 3: Next, is to visit  PayPal homepage  at  Opening a USA PayPal account with
UK IP might make PayPal think you are living in UK but you are a US citizen who
wants to open a PayPal account to be linked to your USA bank account.
Step 4: Click on Sign Up ===>Choose Premium
account type, fill in your details including a valid email address, plus the US
address and phone number generated earlier and click on “Agree and
Create Account
” button.
Step 5: Now you should receive an email to verify your sign
up in your email box; please use your default blackberry browser to access  your email, don’t use any other browser not
even your opera mini (it’s very important you adhere to this).
Step 6: Copy out the verification code PayPal sent to your
email and go back to your PayPal account, past the verification code in the
space provided.
Step 7: If successful, you will be directed to the next page
to provide two secret questions and answers for security verification. 
Finally, click on submit once you’ve provided the two secret
Yipeeee! You now have a Paypal Account but not verified.
Though you can still use it  to make and receive payments online with some
How Can I Verify My PayPal Account?

To verify your PayPal account, you are going to need USA
Virtual Bank Account. Search online for people who provide US VBA services.
Once you get , they will provide you with the following informations
A routing number, An account number, Bank name,  login ID and 
Once you have your VBA info, go to “My Account
and add all the details required. Once done, click on “Confirm Instantly”, and
you will receive an alert displaying your bank confirmation account.
How To Fund Your PayPal Account
GREENDOT: With GreenDot,  you can fund your PayPal with it, its like buying a recharge card card online. Their are still some more ways of funding your PayPal account.
PAYOONER: Payooneer is a universal Credit card for paying and buying online. You can get your own Payooner Credit card and get it delivered to your address free of charge. to get your copy faster, you will need
1. A valid scanned copy of your  ID Card like International Passport/National ID/Drivers lincense or otherwise.
At-least if you don’t need a PayPal account, you will surely need a Payooner account. It’s for free so
sign up with them here and get your own Payooner Credit card delivered to your house address free of charge. It is time to go global!
That’s it friends.
NB: Don’t attempt to open your account from a non blackberry
device or location except your default blackberry phone.
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44 thoughts on “How To Open A Verified PayPal Account With Your Blackberry Phone”

    • To make shop puchases online and getting it ship to the your local address in Nigeria you will need the following:

      First, you need to get a USA address for free and use it as your shipping address

      So How Do I Get Free US Address?

      There are several shipping companies operating cargo services in Nigeria. My first advice is to approach the one you are familiar with or already have dealings with.

      I will recommend Hont Global Services. this is their link

      You can use their contact details here and write to them. When they accept to have you onboard, they will send you a registration form to complete. Basically it is about your identity and forwarding address that are needed.

      Once you have returned the completed form you will be created in their data base and you are ready to get your items shipped from outside to Nigeria or any other online shopping with your PayPal account/Payooner Master Card.

      Remember, you will have to pay for shipping and international shipping is charged mainly per pound weight or per kilogram weight.

    • This is the more reason why you should get a Payooner Master Card. You can be using your payoneer card with paypal for online shopping, example if my your PayPal account balance is not enough to buy an item, Paypal will automaticaly charge your Payooner card if it's link to your paypal account.

      Which in order words means YES. Infact, you can get your Paypal account verified using your Payooner card. Ordering for Payooner master card is free.

  1. My address on file with Payoneer is a Nigerian address. That is, my Payoneer card was ordered with a Nigerian Billing Address. Will I be able to fund the Paypal account with this card? Or will I have to request another with a US address instead?
    You're doing a great job man…

    • Once you have funded the account, it can be further use to make payments and make withdrawals.

      At the initiation of the account, there are some limitations that are put in place until the account is verified. There is a $500 per month limit when you're attempting to withdraw money. There is also a send limit on the account that varies based on the account type. In order to view all limitations on your account, log in and select "View Limits" at the top of the site. The only limitation in place on making payments is the availability of funds in your PayPal account.

      Just make sure it's funded, and you will be able to make payments

  2. hello prof, can one use a vpn and a computer to open a paypal account? since the vpn will give u an ip from another country may be united state

  3. can i use My Static IP Address web site to open a us paypal account from another country and verify with payoneer.
    and i don´t get the idea that my payoneer card has a different address from my us paypal account and still works to be verify .

  4. can i use My Static IP Address website to open a us paypal account from another country, and to get your payoneer card you have to put your real address to arrive to your home right, then verify with your us paypal account that have a us address and still can pass?.

  5. Please Sir it work but When I was opening it I didn't see United States I only saw countries from Uk so I choose London and now I can't fund the account bcos it is not US paypal but Uk paypal… Pls help me

  6. Get a verified PayPal Today with!

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    We will give you the complete 16 digits virtual credit card number , 3 Digits Security Number, and the Expiry Date after every account opening!

    Paypal accounts work no matter where you live.

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  7. Almost everyone who claims to have the verified paypal solution is rehashing what others have written? It will be very easy to believe if we see name of the solution provider and amount earned in the sample account.

    WE ARE IN SEARCH OF THE TRUTH… IF YOU ARE LEGIT AND CAN PROVE IT, then follow the verified paypal police link above.

    • Hello @Anonym,
      Just visit payooner website and sign up. You will be required to provide your house address in Nigeria or office address whr your Payooner card will be delivered; a valid international passport or Valid Gov't id card scanned and sent to them.

      Once you have all the above in place, your Payooner card will be sent to you without any charge. They won't charge u a dime. It is free.

  8. Hello YomiProf.
    I already opened a US PayPal account several years ago, and it is still operational. I actually have $5 that I used to test it, and now trapped in it, as I have not been able to retrieve due to all this Nigeria restrictions.
    Also, I already have a Payoneer account and currently linking it. My problem is that my account is currently limited (for years now) and PayPal is asking for proof of address. I have opened an account with and they have sent me an address confirmation letter (to whom it may concern letter) on my request. Can I use this for PayPal?

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