MTN 4G LTE Data Plans Now Available… too cheap or too expensive?

been waiting for a very long time to dissect MTN 4G LTE network , It appears
its now available but I don’t think it is in all state yet. 

took some minutes to wonder and ponder if actually we have 4G LTE in Nigeria,
another question bump into my mind, which is, should 4G LTE data plans be
different from normal data plans? A lot of us thought MTN will work with the
available normal data plans but Alas! They have 4G data plans which I want you
to take a look at.
the image below;

for N500 (7days validity)
for N499 (daily)
for N1000 (30days validity)
data for N36,999 (30 days 24/7)
for 12Months N66499
for N6000 (30 days validity)
for N10,000 (30 days validity)
How  Can I subscribe
for the MTN 4G Data Plans

>>Requirements: You must have a 4G LTE enabled smart device.
>>Dial *444# and choose your preferable plan.
MTN 4G Should be available in your state. The question is, are
these plans too cheap or expensive?
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27 thoughts on “MTN 4G LTE Data Plans Now Available… too cheap or too expensive?”

  1. Bad market for them. Even companies cannot useless their money in such way. The only adverntange is that we can still use any available tweak with their 4g. Ntel still the best, 3k for 1week unlimited and 10k for 1month unlimited.

  2. Please prof i need advice.
    Is thr any unlimited data.
    I wanted to buy smile.but i read where they have fair usage policy.aft uve dwnloaded 60gig dey throttle d speed to 60kb.
    Den spectranet dnt af unlimited.only 1am to 7am free tins
    Ntel….do dey af unlimited 24/7 no speed throttle or na wash.

    Pls ansa cos im heavy internet user.
    I consume 4gig weekly.i nid unlimited of 10k monthly.
    No data cap or speed throttle stuff.
    Can i find any pls.

  3. Nooooo the 444 is for visaphobe subscribers . on mtn. Those plans has been their even before mtn roll out 4g.. As yu can see VSF there which means VisaFone.. Do uur research wellaa..

    • You are partially correct.

      MTN has bought Visafone and used the visafone frequecies to roll out 4G LTE..

      They wanted to call it MTN 4GLTE but NCC objected. Therefore, it is technically MTN 4G LTE but will be marketed like Visafone products.

    • Does it have 4g? Create access point for it. Name >NTEL, APN > ntel, name and password leave it empty and save. Gp to network mode and select only 4g or only LTE. But it may not work if ur 4g is as 4g,3g,2g auto connect. Except if u can open the Engineer mode to select lTE all band connection.

  4. I guess when the data master (glo) roll out there 4G the empty hen price will come down, I could remember when the stupid yellow for nothing said they only brought per minute billing machine to Nigeria, when glo roll out per second in a block of an eyes yello machine stated billing per seconds.
    Yeye people


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