ABC Guide of Porting Any Rom to Your Device in Just 5min

This tutorial is for those who want to know how to port any ROM
to their device. Instead of waiting for somebody to port and for you to use, you
can easily do the porting yourself in less than 5min. I’ll give you the ABC of
porting any ROM to your device. Just follow carefully.

This is for all MT65xx chipsets including:


This guide is only for MTK! This will work from same chip to same chip for example MT6582 to MT6582 or MT6577 to MT6577.
Some devices have different partitions to flash and the ROM you might flash can brick your phone. It is recommentded you make CWM back up, MTK root and back up before you proceed.


What you need to port a ROM to your device [Your chipset to
Your Chipset only]:

 ==> A ROM to port
[in .zip].
 ==>  Your stock ROM [extracted with /system and
==>Your brain and patience.
How to Port ROMs to Your Phone:

    Extract the ROM to
port and you will have these main things:
    If you have them
then you are ready for next step.
   ==> Open /system
folder of stock and rom to port.
   ==> Open bin folder of
stock ROM and copy these files:
==> Now replace these
files in ROM to Port‘s /System/Bin folder.
==>    Open lib folder of
Stock ROM and get these files:
 ==>   Replace all the
files mention above to ROM to Port‘s /system/lib folder.
 ==>   Now open Stock
ROM’s /system/etc/ folder and copy these files:
  ==>  Now replace these
files in ROM to port‘s /system/etc folder.
  ==>  Delete these
folders from ROM to Port:
==>    Replace these
folders from Stock ROM to ROM to Port:
  ==>  The final step!
Press back button to go to the main folder where you have the Stock ROM. Copy
boot.img [From Stock ROM]and replace it with the ROM to Port‘s.
Yes, all done! You can now go ahead and flash the Rom.
If you encounter any problem, kindly use the comment box to relate your problem
and answers will be provided.
Credit goes to XDA,
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8 thoughts on “ABC Guide of Porting Any Rom to Your Device in Just 5min”

  1. master Yomi….. pls, i want you to enlighten me on something, what is the difference between porting a rom and flashing a rom or does the two mean the same thing

  2. hello prof,
    how do you fix a bootloop and an inverted bootimg.
    cos if the bootloader was able to load the bootimg then i think the rom should work but it doesnt get pass the inverted boot loop


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