How to Start Importing Memory Cards For As Low As #200

It’s high time I bring out the business nature in you.
Hence, I’ll be showing you how to make more money doing just this. If you are a
student, business tycoon or otherwise; this tutorial is men’t to add extra cash
into your pocket. Before I begin, good information at your disposal gives you
an edge slightly above your colleague; therefore making you the boss. This is
going to be more like an investment class and I know so many people will be in
a hurry not to read it. Money hurries away from those who waste it, to those who
invest it.

I’ll quickly show you how to start importing memory cards  at the cheapest rate and sell it for normal
rate. Like it or not, 99% of people use phone that support memory
cards. And people buy memory cards daily at a particular cost.  Can you imagine 8Gb memory card being sold for
4K in Nigeria and at Amazon your can get it for $4.79 which is equivalents to
almost #800; can you now see the profit margin? Good!
First of all, lets visit  and type in the search box the keyword ‘memory
card’ and watch the list of items that will be displayed. Look at the screen
short below;
Can you see a 2GB memory card going for US
$1.06? Okay convert it to your currency and see how
much that is. Mind you, there are range of options and prices differ depending
on the  suppliers.
Secondly, lets visit 
and type the keyword in the search box ‘memory cards’, list of options
will come out as seen below;

But there is something more that caught my
attention, the screenshot below displays 

Did you just see 8GB memory card going for
$6.10 i.e #988.2? This is not even upto a thousand buck; but this same capacity
is been sold for 4k in most places. There are lists of options at even more
cheaper price, all you need do is to take your time and search them out.
You can equally check for even more cheaper memory
cards that can easily be shipped to your house address via DHL.
A lot of questions I know will be hovering
your mind now I guess…
How Can I Buy From Amazon?
I will expatiate more on this later but
do the following;
1.Sign up for an Amazon shopper’s account
2. Get a Master/ Visa Credit card to make payment online (I use Eco bank Visa to make payments online)
3. Good internet connection
4. Get a US shipping address
5. Make purchase and ship to your personalize US address
6. Re-ship from your US address to your Nigeria Address.
Let me stop here for today and continue some other day. Got some
mind bugging questions? Ask!
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17 thoughts on “How to Start Importing Memory Cards For As Low As #200”

  1. Yomi, I've been in the memory card business for close to three years myself.

    My uncle's company imports wholesale quantities (>30000/week) from hongkong and China…. and I can assure you 100% that:

    1. Those $1.10 memory cards on Amazon or any other site are either fakes or dummies. What happens is that they preprogram 128mb or 256mb memory cards to read 1gb or 2gb on the system. But they end up accepting just the original capacity. Every other data gets corrupted or show up with question mark icons on your desktop.

    2. Be careful when buying things from Amazon. Their are more disreputable deletes on there than reputable ones and you can hardly get refunds

    3. At present the wholesale price of 2gb memory card is 520 while 4gb is 620 and 8gb is 750… and so on. This is the prize for 10 pieces upward for the highest grade.

    4. Prices of memory cards vary wildly over the course of the year. This year alone we've sold 2gb for process between 350 and 700.

    I think by now you all catch my drift.

    • Wow, than you so much for adding to this info sir. I'm just seeing this for the very first time in my life.

      But sir, can please give me the name of the company in particular in china since Amazon is begining to have question mark. Though i have imported laptop directly from Amazon before but i want to get the actual fact about this memory card of thing.
      Thanks as i await your full reply

    • Hello Vernal Sage,
      I sincerely appreciate your input so far in this matter. And your experience so far with Amazon; atleast it will guide those who are yet to start.

      Just like it's always said, that every man is a god in his profession; i'll like to the company in China where you normally import your memory cards from.

      Aside of Amazon, are sincere with their products and they also give room to negotiate with the supplier of that product in questions. Thank you one more time.

  2. To those asking for links, our own company imports directly from the factory and that is only possible because we order for between 150-200 thousand pieces every month. Sandisk and Toshiba will not accept anything less than that. There are however OEM suppliers in China and Hong Kong who can ship as little as 50 pieces to you.

    The major problem however is that 80% of Chinese business men are extremely dubious. There are cases where they send you 2-5 sample pieces but when it's time to send the main order, they supply inferior quality. … You can locate some good suppliers on alibaba.

    Check out trendforce for correct price of quality cards. Like I said it varies widely from time to time.

    Truth is if you want to buy anything less than 2000 pieces, it more economical to purchase from a trusted wholesaler in Nigeria.

    If however you need huge quantities, it is best to go to China yourself and find a suitable supplier and a trustworthy agent to send your market.

  3. Spencer, an average Chinese man is 10 times as fraudulent as a naija man. You can take my word for it.

    Like I said earlier, my company or rather my uncle's company is a major wholesaler in Nigeria and the west African subregion. Unless Yomi gives me express permission however, I think it's wrong to be doing my own business on his blog.

    If you could maybe post your email address sha.

    Also, memory card is a business of numbers. You have to factor in the logistics of transportation/shipment, plastic packs, adapters etc when placing an order whether within or outside the country. You have to make sure the quantity you're ordering justifies the price you're buying.

    Four instance, buying at 600 in PH is better than buying at 550 in Lagos if the cost of transport per piece is N70

  4.  Vernal Sage please how much do you sell 32gb and 64gb SanDisk micro SD card & Wats their speed. I am planning on buying 64gb next week.
    My email is OBOSIROW [@]HOTMAIL.COM

  5. OK here goes.

    My company is called Paragon Peers Resources ltd. We're at No 4a Otigba street (directly above mizbeach phones) in computer village Ikeja. You can call Lanre on 08137379049 just mention my name Deolu and he'll give you the current best price. You can mail [email protected] also.

    More importantly, you can buy from other people but watch out for the shiny gold stickers at the back. BA and SD are good products, JR and SB and DIGITAL are mostly low quality (incomplete).

    If you're buying from anywhere, whether overseas or Nigeria try and obtain a sample first. Download music files of above 512mb inside and play the last three tracks that are downloaded on it. If they play then the memory card is likely good.

    Also there are some memory cards that are packaged in attractive red paper packs labeled sandisk or Kingston or Toshiba. don't let the packaging fool you. It's the same quality with the ones in plastic. Depending on the seller, sometimes it's good quality sometimes it's bad but it's always much more expensive.

    Also be mindful of the print on the memory card. Usually, original cards have sharp, high quality markings while fake ones have thick, blurry markings.

  6. Wow, 64gb is pretty expensive. Following the price trend from 16gb to 32gb (about 100% price increase), I would have expected that 64gb would be twice or thereabout, the price of 32gb (btw 5k to 6k)

    • The price is based on
      1. demand and supply
      2. cost/technology involved in production

      Not all factories have the expertise/equipment to manufacture 64gb cards so it is expensive to produce and scarcer than the rest…hence the sharp price graddient.

  7. Hello,
    Import your memory cards and accessories direct from China, by making your order through our lead or buy your accessories at wholesale prices from us. Magcel communication ent, will guarantee you the best quality and best services.

    Email :[email protected]

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