Glo Magic IP – Unlimited Downloading

No much stories, all android and Symbian/java  users should flex this glo cheat since the so
called etisalat magic ip has been blocked by smart guys few days ago.
But before you do that, on your glo sim send PAYU to  127

For Android users,  download operamini 7.5 handler and configure it like
this below
port 80
Username and password: wap

select proxy server and http[email protected]
protocol: Http

Configure Your Ucweb Handler Like This
port :3130
open the ucweb in front[email protected]
leave other fields the way it is, run and install.
Symbian and Java users should equally configure the same as
Where Can I Download Ucweb and Operamini Handler
Download opera handler here for Symbian/java users; and Android
users should download here for apk.
To use the same settings on ucweb, download this ucbrowser
handler here
Can This work on All Android Phone?

Yes it does.
Watch out for more update.

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16 thoughts on “Glo Magic IP – Unlimited Downloading”

  1. Hello guys,
    I'm not currently on Pc but if it ask for any childlock, enter "" without he quote.
    If it does'nt work please download another handler from net direct

  2. this is not a magic ip. it's just a normal opera mini stuff that has been on for months. Not saying you're not doing a good job, but you could have just said glo opera mini and ucweb settings.


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