Solution To Mtn Bis Not Browsing With VPN Tunnelling

I don’t know the relationship between
RIM(Blackberry manufacturer) and Mtn  Telecomunication company. Earlier this year, they intentionally
blocked the usage of Mtn bis on pc and every other device. Except those who are
using a tunneling vpn like Sandwish, Pdproxy, Tunnelguru etc. where still able
to surf effectively with Mtn bis on their device.

Some hours ago, the new hacker they
just employed succeeded in blocking UDP port 500 on every tunneling software; and
I’m pretty sure a lots of us have been having challenge connecting to the net
even with your droid vpn. But the truth still remain, there is no one way of
surfing the net.
For Android
users using Droid vpn on their device,
change your connection protocol from UDP to ICMP and continue to surf the net.

If you are using Tunnel guru on PC, equally change your protocol settings  from UDP to ICMP and connect.
For Tunnelguru users with MTN BIS
MTN BIS users using ICMP ( Mode-2). For high Speed, Stable Connection, make
sure you  disable Antivirus + Firewall.

For Slow/ Unstable Connection.
Reinstall TUN TAP Driver once atleast  in a week

For PD Proxy Users, ICMP equally rocks with full time speed. Remember
that if you want to download bulk files, always use BBCday.
My job is to make internet surfing cheaper for everyone; just relax and
dine with me.
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38 thoughts on “Solution To Mtn Bis Not Browsing With VPN Tunnelling”

  1. 1.) My Samsung note 10.1 n8000. Tun.ko cudnt find the module to make it work so I haven't used DroidVPN with MTN bis. How can I fix this.

    2.) I have a Z10 and as we all know, Z10 never works with bis. Isn't it possible to use bis with Z10, share via the hot spot or tethering then tunnel thru with pdproxy?

    3.) I have an Etisalat modem that i modded so it now takes any similar. However, whenever I use MTN bbcday to surf, it always disconnects me after 10 minutes… every time. It's frustrating. Any solutions for this? Thanks.

    • 1. sorry for not replying you on time. Uninstall the Tun.ko and download a fresh one from Google play store.

      2. Bb Z10 have their own bb package and therefore cannot work with the normal package. That's the disadvantage of bb 10. You can use Blackberry plan package at thesame time tether it to other device.

      3. That disconnection stuff is from mtn and not from the your modem itself. But i beleive their is a permanent way of stopping it from disconnection

  2. For the disconnecting issue, it's mtns ploy to yank us out of using bis or Bbcday on Non Blackberry Devices. If urs stays up to 10mins,I think u r better off than some that soon as they start downloading it disconnects. No solutions for now cos it's from Mtn.

    • It's not blocked at all. if you are still having issue with the droid vpn connecting witt your bis, just change back to the free daily droid vpn from the free premium server.

  3. Hello dele, the BBCday plan is not unlimited at all.
    It has a 3GB data cap. But with the use of some vpn, it can compress it to something 6.5 GB. That's why i always recommend this for download in gigs.


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