Update: Surf Unlimited With This Chocolate Server Using Glo

Hello friends, this is a new week and I’m  sure greater
things  are boiling ahead for each and
everyone of us. I’m pretty sure we still remember Glo free browsing using chocolate?
That was a tutorial I posted some couples of months back and a lot have
forgotten about it.
Well, let me educate the newbie more on this; chocolate is a
software we use to surf freely on PC using glo or etisalat network. It allow you to
browse free of charge on PC without any interference from Glo network. I’ll
suggest you read more about Chocolate here.

System Requirements For Newbies
==>You must have installed on your PC latest Java runtime
for this tweak to work.
==>Migrate to  glo infinito
by dialing *100*9*1# in order to avoid constant disconnections
How To Set Up Your Modem For Chocolate
==>Apn: glosecure or gloflat
& password: flat
==>Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Where Can I Download Chocolate?
==>Download it here if you don’t already
have it
==>The password is “yomiprof” without the
==>Follow the settings inside the folder “unlimited”
Chocolate Settings On PC
Hoax address: 0.facebook.com
Hoax port:80
Configure your Mozila Firefox as seen in the
image below
Now go to your browser, Mozilla, click tools, options, advanced,
network, settings
Select manual proxy configuration
For existing users,  you can
make use of this unlimited server address below
Make sure you follow the previous
settings I sent to you guys before and your chocolate must turn green  when it’s connected or else, it
won’t work.
Rock with the above server, more servers are coming for use.
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58 thoughts on “Update: Surf Unlimited With This Chocolate Server Using Glo

  1. Gosh, I Hate Chocolate. Mine Refused To Turn Green While That Of My Friend That I Configured Turned Green Sharp Sharp.
    Which Kind Of Gobe is This?

  2. Prof i swear am tired of this choco not turning green.if i use the old server config with internet.ng.airtel.com,it turns green but response is "you are not authorized".have equally sent payu to 127.nothing… This one don pass that music of gimme the choco by sean tero o

  3. Are u saying that MTN BIS with all protocols have stopped?
    Prof Yomi, can you post a picture of the completely and correctly configured Chocolate with the current settings you posted above so I can compare with mine. I seem not to understand how to fill the server-side, I am confused between server input and script path input. Picture please they say speaks a thousand words. Many thanks in anticipation.

    • All protocol for bis have not been block at all, Icmp still work. If worst comes to worst, i'll post another settings. T

      The server address is the 0.0.0 bla bla while the script address is the /ozip.php

      that is it, you don't need to be confuse at all.
      But if you still got problem with choco, tunnel guru still rocks with glo

  4. yomi please check dis chocolate stuff cos i just update my java run time wen mine is intact all i see is a black headless suit. please check it.

    • If you follow the choco settings inside the unlimited folder, you would'nt be having this problem. but on that headless suit, type justine and it will display the require place to inpute your settings.

  5. Prof…if i connect d choco..it wn't turn green..if i connect d modem,nd connect d choco…it wn't stil turn green…wts d Prob

  6. Yomi…i hv been trin dis since yestady mornin..and it wn't connect…dis is how i configure my choco (check if am right)

    Hoax addres: 0.facebook.com

    Hoax port:80

    server addres:

    server path:/ozil.php

    server port:80

    server username:empty

    server username:empty

    Did i mak any mistak…cus it refuses to turn green…and i hv already turned off my firewall

    Guys Help!

  7. To make it easier for you guys, you can create create your own personal server here, instead depending on one server. Create your own server here for free host1free.com

    If your own is not turning green, just be patient for some minute and it will turn green.

    • Prof does the software work for window8 nd how's the software suppose to connect to the server when I hvn't connected the modem(is it only 4 glo sims wit blackberry subscription)…cos my refuses to connect after using all servers

    • Let me contribute to this thread guys… this is tunnel guru's settings guys

      APN: gloworld
      USERNAME: leave it empty
      PASSWORD: leave it empty

      WEB HOST: 0.facebook.com or you can use http://www.gloword.com
      WEB PORT: 80#443
      Username/password :go to http://tunnelguru.com and create yours
      proxy url: http://www.justinguru.skyrock.com

      Proxy host:
      port = 80#443
      Select Internet 7-M

      Note:Make sure you connect your tunnel guru first before connecting your modem


  8. Yomi whc windows are u usin cus dis doesnt work on my windows 7ultimate….i hv tried all servers and script…No way…i connected choco first…no way…i did d opposit…no way…my firewall is off and even my antivirus…No way…Choco is Rude To Me…Pls Help!

    • Are you sure this stuff is not selective?
      This is how i got to connect my own, i open another tab on my browser and waited for choco to connect though it took some minutes before it turns green.

  9. How To Make Choco Turn Green
    Put an mtn sim with credit or mb on it, make sure u av a working server, set ur homepage in IE as http://www.bing.com (i advice, u must use IE at dis point) now connect choco using mtn sim card nd mtn default settings. Choco using ur mb would turn green in no sec, after which dnt close choco, buh change your sim and insernt ur glo sim, which is by now on glo infinito nd payu properly activated. Use this method @all and it should work for u

  10. pls somebody should correct me, is it when the choco turns green that you are to connect the modem or is it you first connect chocho and immediately connect modem?


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