Latest Information on MMMUnited on GHing/PHing

Yes! MMMunited is back to base and it’s important for you to
read what is currently on-board to those who have been unable to GH or PH.
I’ll just give you a summary of what is posted on their
official website while you can go there and read the full information.

1. Weekly GH limit will be $500 per account.
This limit will enhance every week by double.
First Week – $500
Second Week – $1000
Third Week – $2000
Forth Week – $4000 and so on…
Example: Samantha has $3600 in her withdrawal
wallet. She can only withdraw $500 first week. Remaining $3100 will be safe in
her wallet. After 7 days from the date of her first GH request, her GH limit
will be enhanced. Now she can withdraw $1000, remaining $2100 will be safe in
her wallet. After 7 days from her second GH request her GH limit will enhance
again. Now she can GH $2000 again and remaining $100 will be safe in her
2. Weekly GH limit doesn’t apply on new comers
in the system. i.e. the accounts that are created after SYSTEM CONTINUANCE.
They can request to GH after 7 days lock in period as usual.
3. Due to server updation growth for the
period December 25 2016 to December 31 2016 is not calculated for all the
accounts. Please do not create support tickets for this issue.
Please read the full information on their official website
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20 thoughts on “Latest Information on MMMUnited on GHing/PHing”


      This is a newly Launched MMM community (November, 2016) within the people in the West African Countries.

      *MMM just got. Better with MMM west Africa*

      *50%*, yes 50% mavro.
      Minimum Deposit #1000

      What you stand to BENEFIT

      1. Automatic GUIDER in the community
      2. 50% after 30 days
      3. 10% Referral Bonus
      4. 5% Guider and Manager Bonus
      5. 5% – 10% speed Bonus

      To register into this community kindly :

      Fill the registration details,
      then Use [email protected] as your INVITE

      or *follow this link to register:*[email protected]

      *Register Now and Become a GUIDER*

      Your chance have come now to make better fortune with your NAIRA(#) Platform.

      Even if you provide help of #1000,

      Just register and secure your GUIDERSHIP.

      A PH of #20000 gives you a return of #37000.

    If people can still be putting money in this kind program in the time of recession, my grand mama always says " THE DOG THAT WILL LOST WILL NOT HEAR THE WHISTLE OF THE HUNTER"
    After all no be my money, na una get the money, get the profit and when the unplan lost shiow face na una go still enjoy am.
    A word is enough for the person wey wan wise.

  2. Let's workout the MMM concept.

    Assuming 5 friends Mr. A, B, C, D,and E resolve to render help worth 100,000 each on MMM with 30% return on investment (roi).

    Total money in the pool will be 500,000.

    Since the fund is not invested anywhere, the dormant total remains N500,000

    On request of assistance
    A collects, N130,000 from the pool leaving a balance of N370,000
    B collects N130,000, leaving a balance of N240,000
    C collects N130,000 leaving a balance of N110,000

    With the balance of N110,000, it means that the fourth person D can only get his initial capital and 10% roi.

    What happens to the fifth person, Mr E?

    An economic hole is dug.
    For every 5 persons, one person loses his invested capital.

    One will ask why is the scheme surviving today?

    The simple answer is that the pledged and requested help are not happening simultaneously but for every help, a hole is created.

    That means for 500 people, 100 investors will lose their money.

    For 1million people, we will have 200,000 destitutes and hole becomes wider and wider daily (you can use your imagination here, with 3million subscribers in Nigeria, 600,000 holes have been dugged).
    Be warned!!!!

  3. Prof, may God bless you for this nice information. Meanwhile MMM West Africa is currently blazing as PHing and GHing is going smoothly. Both MMM United and MMM West Africa are great alternatives to MMM Nigeria..the media in Nigeria as well as the panic wave of rumuour news during the past yuletide help killed MMM Nigeria….


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