How much storage are you using on your Smartphone right now?

Smartphone storage is something that is so important to all smartphone users. Some of you will never use a smartphone that is below 64GB internal storage, while some don’t really care if its below or above 32GB.

However, the unwritten rule still stands that you need to add microSD card slot support if you want the poweruser fans to be pleased.

smartphone storage

Manufacturers release devices with 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256GB of internal memory. At least, this is what it will say on your smartphones packaging, but these figures don’t necessarily reflect the amount of space that is available to you. Part of this is taken up by the system itself and bloatware.

8GB and 16GB internal memory is no longer enough for most android and iPhone users most especially if you multitask a lot. 32GB is reasonable, unless you’re used to taking a lot of photos and the cloud is still a world you don’t know.

But on the other hand, we would like to ask you how much storage are you using right now? How much storage do you think will be enough for you? Less than 64GB, Between 64GB and 128GB, Between 128GB and 256GB or More than 256GB?

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25 thoughts on “How much storage are you using on your Smartphone right now?”

  1. I run inbuilt 32GB, 12GB still available with no external M-card…

    Maybe cos I don’t keep videos on my phone…
    I’m still ok with 32GB

  2. It all depends what you concerned about. If you are a photographer using your phone as studio. It means you will need more storage on your phone. Maybe like 6GB Ram and 64GB ROM. If you are the chatting type, you will might require less space. But is important you get a phone that has larger space. You might decide to use your phone as a robot one day.

  3. 64 gig internal will be enough for me, although i can not afford that now.
    I am still managing 16 gig rom while i augment it with 32gig sd card

  4. My Jolla Phone came with a 16 GB internal storage with a 13.4 GB of user storage. I tweaked my 128 GB to be used as only storage and it is quite efficient. I would have gone for a Sandisk 256 GB if I got my hands on it when I purchased the Sandisk 128 GB almost 3 years ago.


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