InterC 4G LTE Speed Test – Yea or Nah?

I have always been a fan of fast internet connection. Any
other thing below fast is absolutely disgusting. Few days ago, we published the
InterC 4G LTE network availability in some states and here is speed test from a
blog reader Faisal who has picked up his sim.

InterC Sim card currently goes for N1,500 and it comes with
1.5GB data. It’s like buying the sim for N100, since their 1.5GB is officially
N1,400 for 30 days. 

Regarding the speed,  I must say I’m
impressed because even with just two bars of reception i still get 7MBPs
download speed and 6MBPs upload speed. Speed test with Speeptest android app
Those of you who are in Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Kaduna
should get to their office and pick up your sim.
Remember they have one of the cheapest data plan too… Check out their data plans here
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