Meet The Latest 4G LTE Network in NG, InterC… There Data Plans Will Amaze You

Who says subscribers are not  a valuable assets in determining Telecom profitability? And here is another 4G LTE network that launched in Nigeria 3
days ago August 23, 2016
. They are called InterC and according to their
locations page, they will operate in Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Kaduna at first,
before rolling out to Lagos and other locations later.

So for now we have these 4G LTE Network in Nigeria  InterC,
Smile, Spectranet, Ntel, Swift, and (soon) the big bros MTN. 4G LTE is the latest babe in
town. If you have a device that doesn’t support 4G, then you are on a long
lonely road.

I’m sure you pretty remembered those days of interCellular X
“hello Moto”? So InterC is a rebranded Intercellullar that has partnered  with Transsion Holdings (makers of Infinix,
Tecno, and iTel phones), Ringo Communications, and Yudala. They are offering
fast internet at low prices… I’m sure you know what this means.
They  are offering
free internet for the first month, and 25% off on the second month.
InterC Data Plans
>>InterC Lite:
Plan for N1,400 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
for N2,800 (24/7 30 Days)
for N1,500 (6PM – 6AM 7Days validity)
for N1,000 (6PM – 6AM 7Days validity)
for N4,500 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
for N7,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
for N10,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
for N9,000 (6PM – 6AM 30 Days Validity)
for N6,000 (6PM – 6AM 30 Days validity)

for N17,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
for N24,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
for N35,000 (24/7 60 Days Validity)
for N12,000 (6PM – 6AM 30 Days Validity).
more from their site here.
see… you are very important because they all need you to survive.
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20 thoughts on “Meet The Latest 4G LTE Network in NG, InterC… There Data Plans Will Amaze You”

  1. Why putting Lagos for later list ?
    I guess they want to rollout in state NTEL is yet to be available.
    But Lagos no dey send oo they should try include Lagos in the front row too
    After all there sub they somehow cheap

    • Lagos is backward this time… I like the way they started in kaduna. let us too experience this 4G you guys are talking about.

    • Sorry 4g is an inbuilt. If ur phone didn't have 4g then nothing on earth will make it work with 4g network. Nothing like "send update" but u can update ur phone to 4g phone sha, That's from 3g phone to 4g phone.

  2. I've gotten my InterC sim card. The sim is 1,500 naira and it comes with 1.5 Gb. Its like buying the sim for 100 naira, since thier 1.5GB is officially 1,400 naira for 30 days.
    Regarding the speed i must say I'm impressed because even with just two bars of reception i still get 7MBPs download speed and 6MBPs upload speed. Speed test with Speeptest android app. There is no wat to upload a screen shot i could have shared a screen shot


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