SLOT Introduces Its Power Bank

You know what it means when something is branded… original! Well, this time around, it is SLOT introducing her Power bank. Those
of you having epileptic power supply in your locations or you are using a
device that can barely last you for a day, get in here and see what SLOT have
to offer you.

Slot just introduced 6000Mah Power bank, for N4,000;
10,000Mah for N5,500 and 15,000MaH for N6,500.
I’m yet to test it any of it to know how long it will charge
a device but will lay my hands on it soon.
You can walk in to any SLOT store and get one for yourself
or place your order here.
Remember, it is an anathema for your device to run out of
battery when you have this option to keep it alive.
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23 thoughts on “SLOT Introduces Its Power Bank”

  1. Those stupd slots are rip off.. They are just like Infinix with fake spec… I once bought a charger with 3.0 output from then @3k.. Nd the charger Slow.. Intact no diff with 1.0 output. They just fake ..


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