Exclusive Pictures & Specifications of Infinix Note 3 X601

#NoteTheSpeed! It is confirmed that Infinix Note 3 is next
in line to be unveil with a beastly specifications that will thrilled you off
your feat just like its predecessor, Infinix Note 2.
Infinix Note 3 is a 6.0 inches device and it has a lot in
common with the newly launched Infinix Hot S. Note 3 will feature fingerprint
scanner, metal body and dual-LED flash.

Note 3 will come pre-loaded with Android 6.0 out of the box
with Infinix very own XOS UI; I’m sure you are already panting to feel the
thrill of the XOS interface.
Infinix Note 3 will come in two different variants, and the
difference between the two variants is extremely much.

The first variant will come with Helio X10
MT6795 chipset, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage (expandable to up to 2 TB via
TF card), 16 MP back camera with dual LED flash as well, and an 8 MP front
camera with soft flash as well.

The second variant will come with
MediaTek MT6573 chipset, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal storage (expandable to up to
2 TB via TF card, 13 MP back camera with dual LED flash, and a 5 MP front
camera with soft flash.

of Infinix Note 3 Specifications
·      >>Full metal body
·      >>Android 6.0 Marshmallow with XOS
·      >>Fingerprint sensor
·      >>6.0 inches with FHD IPS 1920 x 1080 display
·      >>4500mAh battery with flash charging
·      >>2GB RAM + 16GB storage (1st version)
·      >>3GB RAM + 32GB storage (2nd version)
·      >>13MP back + 5MP front camera with flash for both (1st version)
·      >>16MP back + 8MP front camera with flash for both (2nd version)
·       >>MediaTek MT6573 processor (1st version)
·      >> Helio X10 MT6795 (2nd Verison)
Infinix Note 3 is expected to be launch in August 2016.
Exclusive Pictures of Infinix Note 3

Wait, something more
is coming from Infinix  and it is already work in progress…
Infinix Hot 4 and Zero 4 are also coming.
From your tech mind, how much do you think this device will
go for when it is launched?
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21 thoughts on “Exclusive Pictures & Specifications of Infinix Note 3 X601”

    Pardon the "Deviation". Oga Yomi, there's this problem i do encounter on my phone whenever i am downloading or updating apps. Let me take my time to explain things out. Let's say i wanted to download an App of 45MB, the screen will show that it's downloading, till it reach 45MB. It will then stay like that like 15-45minutes before finally bringing up a page where i could click on "Install".
    It's highly frustrating, i think it started some weeks after i rooted it with Kingroot(latest version). What could be the problem or the settings i've done wrongly?
    In case you want to ask, the Rooting was "successful" and it was confirmed by Root Checker as well. Kindly awaiting response(s).

    • Hello Victor Emmanuel,
      I've answered this question before, obviously, you didn't check back to see where you posted it.

      Rooting atimes cause this type of ish most especially if the rooting app isn't compatible with the phone despite the facts that it roots.

      My advice, unroot the device and try to download something else and see if it still repeat thesame problem. if it doesn't, then you'll have to root your device with another app.

  2. Mehn the phone is good. Hence it has 3GB RAM, am guessing it has 4G network. But why were the three buttons placed on the screen? That's the problem when the screen starts having sensitivity issues coz it's not gorilla glass.

  3. Yomi please I wanted to flash Samsung s7 Rom on my Infinix but the tutorial said Infinix hot note pro users should download the Samsung Galaxy s7 patch and replace the rom boot img with s7 boot patch img for Infinix hot note pro. How do I replace?

  4. My Oga prof, I need to know about gearbest, aliexpress & amazon. Bcoz I want to start buying things online? Please need ur advice on this.

  5. I doubt i have asked this question before and if i have, you can give me a link to it so i can "modify" this ASAP. Meanwhile, thanks for the writeup, will follow your recommendation and get back to you. Happy New Month Prof and every "Yomites".


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