Introducing Airtel My Offer – Get 1.5GB for N500, 6GB for N1500

In such a time like this where Airtel is constantly gaining more subscribers, they’ve device another strategy to gain more subscribers with Airtel my Offer.

Airtel my offer is a newly spotted offers from Airtel NG to all subscribers. It gives exclusive cheap data deals. Each Airtel sim is eligible for a special offer, depending on your sim – you should get an exclusive data offer when you dial the code below;

How to Get Airtel my Offer Exclusive Deals?

Dial *141# and then reply with 1.

You’ll get a list of all the available data offers your SIM is eligible for. Then you can proceed and subscribe to any data plan of your choice.

Like in my case I got;

Airtel my offer deals
Airtel exclusive Offer

1GB for N300 (Daily)

2GB for N500 (Daily)

1.5GB for N500 (14 Days)

3GB for N1000    (30 Days)

6GB for N1500    (30 Days)

9GB for N2000    (30 Days)

16GB for N3000 (30 Days)

Choose whichever package you are comfortable with and subscribe.

To check your data balance, dial *140#.

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13 thoughts on “Introducing Airtel My Offer – Get 1.5GB for N500, 6GB for N1500”

  1. Whoever is managing 9mobile is still sleeping. How can those doing well, keep releasing offers to bring in more customers, where as 9mobile is yet to change their plan or bring nothing new to their dying network?

  2. Oga yomi and fans pls I am finding it very difficult to activate the Airtel 3x data bundle even after sending get to 141 and mifi to 141 on a new sim and a new phone. Pls any solution?

  3. Mr Yomi, am a fan of your great work. This is my first time commenting though. Thank you for your relentless effort and being a good reliable source for information like this.

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