Etislatat in Serious Recession, Increases Monthly Data Prices

In such a time like this when Glo seems to be giving
subscribers awoof data, Etisalat is busy doing the opposite. I want to believe
recession is gloriously telling on Etisalat network. Who will expect that after
launching their 4G LTE network, their data price will go up; but they seem to
have done the least expected.

Earlier before now, you can get etisalat data plan as seen
1.5GB for N1000, dial *229*2*7#
3.5GB for N2,000 dial *229*2*8#
5GB for N6,500    dial
 8GB for N8000     dial *229*2*5#
10GB for N10,000 dial *229*2*5#
But now, they have increased the prices of their Monthly
data bundle prices as seen below;
1GB for N1000
1.5GB for N1200
1GB + 500MB night plan for N1000
2.5GB for N2000
3.5GB for N2500
2GB + 1.5GB night plan N2000
I think the administrator in charge of data for etisalat
must have mistakenly press CTRL + Shift +> while sleeping and snoring… He or
she should be sacked.
Just take 1 minute to say a word of prayers for etisalat to
come out of this recession.
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29 thoughts on “Etislatat in Serious Recession, Increases Monthly Data Prices”

  1. I think the best thing is to keep buying from all this third party data reseller. I use to buy fromo paykobo but I just discovered that the my sponsor wallet is reading 0MB while I still have 1.477MB.

    I hope this guys have not scammed me?


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