UPDATED: How to Change HTC IMEI in Simple Steps

I have written a lots of articles on how
to change your IMEI and I’m pretty sure its just fine for so many of us aside
of Samsung users on some HTC users. But this post will be directly to HTC users
alone who have not been successful in changing their device IMEI using the Univiersal Method of Changing HTC IMEI in recent
I was going through some of my old posts on Changing imei so I decided to expand this in detail steps for HTC users.I tried it on
HTC device this evening and the IMEI was successfully change.
Make sure your phone is rooted.

Please note that doing this is illegal in some countries. You’re doing this at
your own risk and I won’t be held responsible for any damage caused.


1. Java
must be installed on your PC since Android SDK needs it. Skip this step if
you’ve already done that.
2. Download and install Android SDK.
3. Download and install PdaNet
and select HTC while installing the driver. Be sure you’re connected to the
internet and only plug in your phone when asked to.
4. Download Fastboot. Extract the
“Android” folder in it to the C: drive on your PC. You should now have
C:Androidfastboot.exe in this location. Be sure the path is correct.
Steps to Change Your HTC IMEI

Make sure you are already having the
IMEI you want to change it to written down. 
==>Disconnect your phone from your PC and power off the
phone completely. Enter Bootloader by pressing the Volume
Down button
and Power button
simultaneously for about 10 – 15 seconds.
==>Select Fastboot and connect your phone to the
computer with USB. You should have FASTBOOT USB displayed as shown below:
==>Press the Start button + R
on your keyboard to type a Run command. Type cmd
and press Enter.
==>Type this  cd C:Android
Now type this fastboot getvar imei
should display similarly as shown below:

This displays your original IMEI. write this down somewhere in case of unforeseen events.

==>Now type this fastboot oem
writeimei 35826xxxxxxxxxx

Be sure to change 35826xxxxxxxxxx to the IMEI
number you generated earlier. You should get an OKAY message which signifies
the process was successful.

That is just it and please if you encounter any problem, use the comment box and answers will be provided.

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    • I got a simple method for Samsung users without octupus box but I haven't test it, hence I can't post it until it is proven to be working well

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