How To Check If Your Site Is Banned From Using Google Adsesne or Search Engine

Don’t mind me, I’m not supposed to bring this one up but I
just taught it might help those who have been looking for AdSense approval for
ages even though you’ve done the needful but Google security guards still
refuse to give you the key to AdSense gates.
Or maybe you’ve been a consistent user of AdSense user and all of
a sudden, you are ban. You’ve tried getting AdSense approve on that same site
but to no avail. Or no matter how you make a post, it never get

rank on search
engine. Do you know that even search engine do ban sites… The first thing is
to check if your domain is already ban or blacklisted. Note if your domain is
ban or blacklisted, you can never get an AdSense account approved on that
domain again.

There are so many reasons why AdSense ban publishers but I
won’t want to center on that today. Let’s quickly look at 4 great tool you can
check if your domain or site as been ban by AdSense including search engine.
4 Tools to Check if
You are Ban or Not

==>Google AdSense Sandbox: This is a great tool and it
let you check if your site has been blacklisted or ban by google adsense. It lets
you to check Google AdSense advertisement for any website. Simply, put URL to
the provided textbox and click “Preview Ads” button, it will show all type of AdSense
advertisements for your website.

==>Blacklist: this tool is great,
simple and easy to see if your site is ban from showing AdSense.
==>Banornot: This one work just like
the second and it’s a great tool to check if your domain is ban.
==>Bancheck: This tool equally works
great and I’ll suggest you test them to be sure your domain is not ban at all.
Whether you are ban or not, the truth
is, it’s not only through Google AdSense you can make money online.
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