How to Earn Free Bitcoin From Your Blog

A few years ago when I began taking interest in Cryptocurrency, my biggest
problem wasn’t raising the cash but actually buying the Crypto. There was so
much mystery surrounding this Bitcoin of a thing, making online scams to
flourish. Long before the likes of platforms like Remitano (which allow you to
buy Bitcoin in Naira)
launched, you had to buy Cryptocurrency in US Dollars.

There were several challenges with this; like Paypal not supporting Nigeria
and reputable online crypto wallets not accepting Nigerians. If you were one of
those who lost Bitcoins to scam online wallets then you know what I’m getting
at. Imagine waiting in line for over 30 minutes to get manually reviewed via
video chat; holding your passport, only to be rejected withing seconds for being
a Nigerian.

I’ve been through a lot people. At some point, Payoneer provided a
little relief and it began getting easier to accumulate USD without fearing
that the US Paypal account would get flagged and all the funds in it

At a point, I asked myself; “Isn’t there a way to earn this
. I hit Google and the first things I found (like most of you)
were Faucets. A quick word of advice, don’t waste your time with Faucets. If
you’re excited by the fraction of coins you’re earning then convert the value
to USD (Dollars) or NGN (Naira) and you’ll feel like a Donkey. I figured I’d
wasted enough time and needed something better. And then it hit me: Aren’t
there any Ad networks that pay in Bitcoin?

Back to Google and I looked through a number of options then looked through
reviews till I found two networks to try; Mellowads & Anonymoys Ads .
Signing up on these Ad networks is pretty easy and unlike the strict
requirements for getting approved on Google Adsense, getting in is much easier.

Mellowads has stricter approval guidelines of the two but its nothing
compared to the likes of Adsense and They demand that your website
be in good standing (has some recent & decent content) and be in the
top 200,000 sites in the Alexa rankings .  They have a minumum withdrawal
of 0.001 BTC and charge a withdrawal fee.

Click here to signup for Mellowads

Anonymoys Ads (a-ads) allows you to monetize your website without having to
signup (but I advise you do). You only need to provide your Bitcoin wallet
address, get your Ad code, paste it on your website and you’re all set. Almost
any website would get approved. They have a minimum withdrawal of 0.001 BTC and
charge no withdrawal fee.

Click here to signup for A-ads

I would advise you disable the popup option unless your Blog’s visitors
don’t mind.

These two websites are legit and pay on time; no Net-anything. You can
withdraw once you hit the minimum balance.

 I hope to reveal more reliable Bitcoin ad networks and how to increase
your Bitcoin earnings in a future post. If you’re yet to create a Bitcoin
wallet then head over to this guide.

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  1. Hello Prof., i Have bought bitcion from Luno. Now, how would i use it for transaction, is it through the blockchain and if yes how would I fund my blockchain wallet? More explanation. Thanks.


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