6 Cool Reasons You Should Sign Up For Payoneer Master Card… Shop Online Without Restriction

The crave to shop and receive payments online is increasing
daily and I’m pretty aware some of you are not new to what I’m about to share
with you today. Some of you have perhaps gotten the card but have never used it
for ones probably because you don’t know what you can do with it.

I’ve heard series of complain about Barter virtual card but
I’m sure the company is working on it to make it better for online usage
considering the facts that it’s still new.

Payoneer Master Card is an international Master card issued
to you free of charge. Payoneer
supports over 200+ countries, so where you are from doesn’t really matter; it
is more than PayPal or Payza and for some countries residents it is the only
It is different from your normal Debit Master Card issued by
your local banks. Here are the simple reasons you should get yourself a
Payoneer Master Card and it will be delivered to your house address Free of
6 Reasons You Should Get a Payoneer Master Card
1. Receive Payments From Thousands of Companies Directly to
your Payoneer Account
: Thousands of companies from around the globe are
partnered with Payoneer for sending mass payments.

2. Withdraw Money from Local ATM: You can bring the money
you have earned from freelance marketplace into your Payoneer Card. Withdraw it
from any local ATM around you. This is the best feature of Payoneer; using the
Payoneer MasterCard you can withdraw your earnings from any MasterCard
supported ATM in over 200 countries. 
So that means you do not require have a bank account to
withdraw your money from Payoneer.  For
per ATM cash out, a $1.35 will be charge each time in the USA and $2.50 for
outside the USA. Also, fees by the ATM service provider will apply.
3. The card is free of charge, and it will be delivered to
your house/office address free of charge
4. Use for PayPal: Payoneer card is compatible with Paypal,
you can link your Paypal account to Payoneer and continue your transaction
without any hassle.
5. Buy Anything Online: You can use the card to buy anything
online from AliExpress, Bestbuy, Gearbest, Ebay, Amazon etc without any restriction.
Online shopping is fun when you have the right tool.
6. Withdraw Money Directly to Your Bank Account: You can add
your bank account to your Payoneer account and receive money directly. There
are no fees for adding one or more bank accounts. And the withdrawal fee as
very low compared to the ATM withdrawal.

Who Needs It?
Everyone needs this Payoneer Master Card with or without
PayPal account; So long you love to shop online, you should get one for
How Can I Get it?
Sign up here 
After which your card will be delivered to you without
paying a dime. The good news is, on successful signup, Payoneer will give you
free $25 if you share your link with someone else, and the person receives $100 in his/her account. So what
are you waiting for?
I have verified Payoneer fund sellers where you can easily
get your card funded at cheaper rate. With this card, you don’t need Dollar
Master Card. Ask me questions!
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45 thoughts on “6 Cool Reasons You Should Sign Up For Payoneer Master Card… Shop Online Without Restriction”

    • Hello my friend.

      Currently, their is no way to fund your Payoneer account from your local bank account.

      Although you could fund it with dollars using the bank account and routing number given to you by Payoneer. That however can only work abroad since you can't do that from your bank.

      Which leaves you with exchangers as your only option.

  1. please oh..if I should create and account now…are they going to give me a virtual card to be using before the physical arrived.. please prof I need answers

  2. Gud job prof. Can u pls write a pratical guide on how to start working online n receive payment tru Payoneer .

  3. Payoneer card is free, but with a condition. You may get it or you may not. If you're in lagos, you have a higher chance of receiving it or you could wait forever. I applied for free payoneer card 3 times & 5months later, i didn't get any. I had a chat with their customer service and after i showed them my fiverr revenue, the card was sent within 5days. Could have been 4days if not for a public holiday. I was charged $50 though but i got the card on time.

    Yomiprof, are you sure about linking paypal to payoneer? Last time i tried, my payoneer card got unlinked and blacklisted on PayPal after a week

  4. Hello YomiProf, I got mine Last year, and its activtated, I wan to know how I can transfer my adsense earning to my payoneer. Do you have a tutorial for it? Thanks

  5. Prof i have ordered for this card for about three times but i was told to go the nearest post office. I stay in port Harcourt i checked the two post office around me but could not get it.But from what am hearing from this site that it will be delivered to my house address. This is good news,but what if don't get it,please can you order and send it to me?

  6. Mr. Yomi Any help?.. i have ordered for my payoneer card for more than a month now and i never receive it till now.

    i will have used my family post office address but we've not been using the mail box for more than 3 yeas now and they'll want me to clear all outstanding bill before collecting any goods out

  7. But Yomi, i used getbarter two days ago to order item from Aliexpress and it was successful and very easy… I don't understand the issues u said it's having, pls can u explain so i can take precaution next time

    • Hello Bett,
      You don't actually have any issue here so long the order was successful without any decline error. Some site are actually declining the card and I expect barter to fix it.

      Though the card has been a soul saver.

  8. Hello prof I contacted barter support and they told me that nothing is wrong with there card that the issue is that some foreign sites have not started accepting there own type of card for making payment which they are currently working on it, but they advice me to link there card with my PayPal account so I can be making all online payments without any issue…

  9. Someone narrated her Ill ordeal with this card

    Said she was charged more than 1k for checking her balance and trying to withdraw, the withdrawal wasn't successful yet she was charged for it

    Im expecting my card on the 1st of June, will let u guys know my experience

    • I haven't experience any issue withdrawing with this card at all. Payoneer will actually charge you for any withdral make. Thats where they get their money from. Whether successful or not, you'll be charge

  10. i just received my card today, and i have activated it also… thanks yomi.

    can i transfer money from my dom account to it?

  11. Please prof can this card be delivered to Kogi State? And again I used the postal code for Lokoja but I don't reside in Lokoja. And if my card arrive will they call me from the post office?

  12. Hello Prof, i Got my card some days back. Please can you talk me through how to activate it cos when i tried to activate i got an error msg saying its a wrong card. Then i noticed the card number on my account drop down menu is different from the one they sent to me. I've tried to contact their customer care but no response till date. Please help me.


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