Updated: How To Open PayPal Account In Nigeria & Get Verified With Your Naira Master Card

Good news to all who has been anticipating to open PayPal
Account in Nigeria but has been unable to due to the fact that they blacklisted
Nigeria as a country in PayPal Black book. How to open a verify PayPal accountin Nigeria has been so difficult over time. Imagine you want to make simple
payment or an upgrade of your tunnel guru, Your Freedom account to premium
using a foreign account but due to the fact that you don’t have a PayPal
account, you just had to let go.

Few days ago, PayPal promise to make available PayPal in Nigeria and some other 9 African countries. Kudos to those who started the
campaign few months ago on CHANGE; and now it has become a reality. According
to PayPal on Reuters, by Tuesday which is Today 17/06/2014, it will be readily available
in Nigeria.
Who Needs PayPal Account?
Everyone reading this post or peradventure you just stumbled
on this post, you need a PayPal Account. It is a foreign account that enables
you to buy or make payment online. With this PayPal account, you’ll be able to
make any upgrade of any VPN services including YourFreedom that currently works
free with Airtel & Mtn on Android. 
How To Fund It In Nigeria
Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to fund and I’ll show you how
to fund it once you’ve registered an account for yourself.
Mind you, PayPal is very important if you actually want to
make money online, buy online or sell 
even on ebay. Do you know you can other the cheapest kind of Laptop from
ebay online? Discussion ment’ for another day.
Just make sure you check their site to keep in touch once it’s
available latter today for Nigerians and other countries to register at https://www.paypal.com/ng/

How To Get Verified Using Your GTB Master Card In Nigeria
Now that you’ve successfully registered, it’s now time you get your Master card verified

==> On registering, you will  be prompted to enter your card details. Enter the
card number, the expiry date and the 3 digits at the back of the card in
the spaces provided. Ensure the billing address matches the address you
used to open your bank account. The same address is associated with
your card.

==> Click “Continue” to proceed to your account.

==> Sign in to your email account and click on the
verification link in the mail sent to you by Paypal. This might prompt
you to enter your password for you to sign in to your Paypal account.

==> Once signed in, click the ‘Get Verified” link or the “Link and confirm credit or debit card” link

==> You will be redirected to a new page to confirm your card for
verification. The card type, and a four digits code will be sent by PayPal via your bank to your email.
==>Enter the Four digits code and  Click on “Continue” to

==> After clicking “Continue”, Paypal will charge the card $1.95 (about N320) to make sure it’s yours. Paypal will refund the money within 24 hours after you confirm your card.

It’s as simple as ABC.
 NB: Make sure you have money in your account if not you’ll always get error and not been verified.
As at this moment, their are still some limitation placed on Nigeria by PayPal such as withdrawing your PayPal fund etc.. but I believe with time, they’ll remove the embargo.
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81 thoughts on “Updated: How To Open PayPal Account In Nigeria & Get Verified With Your Naira Master Card”

  1. Please i am really happy about this paypal Development in nigeria but i will wait for dome other Nigerians to try it and if there are no Issues like Limitation, then i will go with it. Thanks

  2. Thank you prof, please am registered now but I cant associate any debit card with it, please do u hv an idea of what bank's card might work, i tried gtbank mastercard and uba mastercard so far no luck.

    • Hello A.Y
      The reason why you can't associate any of the master card with it is because they are all debit cards. PayPal only allow credit cards.
      Work in to any GTB bank, and demand for a Credit Master Card or Credit Visa card.
      Their is a big difference between Credit Master Card and Debit Master Cards.

      And if at all you can't get it, then I'll have to write an extensive tutorial on Payooner Credit Card.

  3. Hello Prof,
    please i ve just registered my paypal account, but i dont have account with GTB bank can i still walk in to GTB bank and demand for it?..

  4. Hello prof,
    please i just registered an account with paypal now, but i dont have an account with GTB bank. Please can i still walk in to GTB and demand for it?

  5. Nope any master debit card/visa debit card work perfectly. today I link both my gtb master debit card and my access bank visa debit card at once.
    note you most have some money. in your bank account cuz they will charge $1.95 from your account then refund it back after some hours.

    if you don't have money does them to charge, you will experience error.

    • Yes have tried it.the last 4digit of the 16digit master card code.The code you entered still doesn't match the 4 numbers we sent to your debit or credit card statement. If you try again and the entries still don't match, we'll have to disable your card for use with PayPal.please help

    • It seems there an error somewhere, check your mail or better still, do you have another Master card aside of the one you've used? if No, wait after some hours, cross check again. If you are still not sure, don't fill it in so that it won't be blocked.

    • I don't have any aside from my gt mastercard. Some people said gtb will be the one to provide the code.some said it paypal that will mail me with the code.and due to what I saw in the mail they said I should wait for some days to send the paypal card statement that am gonna see the 4digit code there.kindly reply me for help or any solution or I should wait,or open another bank acc with there master card?.thanks

    • Bro Don't use the card again, you should get a four digit code from your bank. Once you receive any mssg from your bank, there is a 4digit code generated it starts with something Pp* thats d digit you will use.

      Wait until you receive the mail from your bank

    • Don't open another bank account at all. wait for the bank to send you d code. it won't take time at all, just some matter of days. #DoroPatienceActivated

    • Don't give a call to GTB at all, instead check your email. Paypal will send you the 4digit code via your bank.

      Since you are making use of GTB, you'll receive a text message like this "The Naira equivalent of USD1.95 has been authourized for the transaction done on pp*(4 digits code) blablabla Lu."

      Just copy the 4digit code before the pp*, If you said they've removed almost 4dollar, which means you've entered the wrong code almost 3 times. but be patient, GTB will reply you.

    • tenx alot bro i really like this your site. have received text msg for the code via gtb. it was two code i received because i tried the paypal verification two times.it is single code am gonna enter or both?

  6. Boss I try using skye bank mastercard.i was told that d card issuer didn't support d transaction..ow do I go abt it becos I only ve master card wit skye

    • Skye bank Mastercard by default isn't activated. You need to walk straight into any skye bank and head straight to the customer care, request for online banking and you'll be given a form to fill, within 24hrs, your Master Card will be activated for internet usage.

      You can then try it after it's activated.

  7. This wont stop me from having a usa paypal account cos u cant recieve money with this 9ja own . How can i fund a payoneer ? card i have that i want to use to verify my usa paypal . Prof saw ur comment on my blog thanks sir . How can i get ur whatsapp number or bb pin ,cos its like u no longer use wechat

  8. Prof. Thanks for everything. Following the steps you provided on how to open and verify paypal which I followed using first bank mastercard, here is what I get as reply ( The Credit Card Verification System used by PayPal is currently unavailable. Please try to add your credit card at a later time. We apologize for this inconvenience.) Please enlight me about it. Thanks

    • It's seems the error is from PayPal, but have you used your First bank master card before to buy something online? If no, ten you'll need to visit any branch of Firstbank to help your activate internet banking. But ideally it should work without that. Just try it again after some hours and make sure you have fund inside your account or else you'll keep getting error.

  9. Pls yomi,i hav a fake paypal account whc i faked a UK address for me to be able to open paypal last yrr wn nigerians arnt allowd to opn a paypal account,so cn i use it to link to my gtbank account or wil u suggest i opn a new one of nigeria nd den snd d moni to my new paypal bfr linkn d new1 to my nija bank account,tanx

    • Don't link ur fake PayPal acct to you Gtb at all or else. To be on a safer side, open a new one in Nigeria and link ur Gtb Master Card with it. Although Naija PayPal has some limitations which I believe will be lifted in a short while.
      Limitation like you won't be able to recieve money but you'll be able to send money.
      So still stick to your UK PayPal account pending till when dis limitation will be remove.

  10. proof you are wlldone with this good works may God continuing to strengthened you I.J.N (amen). but sir now that paypal surport Nigeria with a limited policy how can we use payout button on our facebook page and recieve our likelike payment with paypal if our payment is here@real bro i'll be waiting for your humble reply thanks bro,but bro less i forget i want to know how much can i charge or my range of payment if i create standard and good looking website for a company like shopping complex/eatery and i want you to show me the best site to create website for them bro i'll be waiting for your humble reply plz do this for me

    • Hello Jeff,
      Sorry for not replying you earlier.
      First of all, since their are some restriction on Nigeria Paypal, you can't recv paymt until dat restriction is lifted. Let's wait for some months perhaps Dos restriction will be lifted.

      Secondly, it all depends on the company you are building d site for. You can charge btw 30-50k depending on the type of site. If it's a more standard company, u can charge 50-80k.
      You can use wordpress or joomla to create ur site in mintute.

    • bro plz can you help me to move my blogspot to custom domain to in time of standard godaddy .com domain i will give you the account privacy,it really gives me problem to understand plz bro help me out…

  11. Prof,pls can I be able to shop from ebay since I now have a paypal acct,bcos ebay didn't sell to Nigeria bcos of paypal was nt functioning in nigeria.

  12. I open PayPal on first day it started in Nigeria also verify it the following day with my Gtbank Visa dollar card, That is all i can reach…

    But since i dont know how to fund it because my balance show 0.0 dollar (which means i dont have money in my account despict the fact that i have more than $100 in my Gtb Visa Debit Card )

    My Question is how do we fund Paypal in Nigeria ?

    Thanks 4 ur usual rapid response…

    • hello bro, to fund it, Paypal will deduct from your original bank account you linked to it. So long you have money in your GTB account, you'll be able to make any transaction. Forget about the 0.0dollars you are seeing dir.
      That was why you were ask to verify with you master card.

  13. Prof I got an alert from my bank and the verification code I get is a 2 digit number instead of 4 digit please help

  14. Good evening prof, i was charged N1241, first my bank charged me N421 & immediately i verify d my PP acct den dy charged me anoda N820, total of N1241. bt i thought d charge was supose to be $1.95??

    • Yes, the charge was suppose to be 1.95 dollars. PayPal will refund you whatever they charge you in less than 48 hours. but I don't understand the initial 421 charges again from your bank

    • Morning prof, it's 46 hours nw, yet PayPal 've not refunded me back, should i mail PayPal & Lodge a complain or wat do u tink??

  15. Good afternoon prof, it's 48 hours nw, yet PayPal 've not refunded me back, should i mail PayPal & Lodge a complain or wat do u tink???

    • Hello Bamzi,
      Can you be a little patience please? PayPal always return whatever they charge you.

      Your initial charges from ur bank is what I really don't understand.

  16. Hello prof,
    Please what is the maximum amount i can send with my paypal in a month using both gtbank master card and access bank visa card. AFter linking the cards to my paypal.
    I will appreciate your prompt response.

  17. Please prof, what is the maximum i can send with my skye bank visa or master card? Is it possible to make E payment to aboki(black market) within bank premises from my dollar domicilliary account without withdrawing from the bank directly?


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