Problem Recieving OTA update on Your Device? Here is a Quick Fix

I don’t know if some of you are still finding it difficult
in receiving OTA update on your Infinix Hot Note but I guess this guide might
help. I found this post in Infinix support forum so I decided to put it up

Now you have three ways of updating your device to lollipop,
the easy way, the hard way and the advance way. You can do it yourself via SPFlashtool, try this method or locate the nearest infinix office closer to you.
Here is the fix
Step 2: copy the (Zip) file to Your SD Card
Step 3: Boot  into  recovery  using
Press  (vol+  and  power  button )
at  the  same  time
Step 4: Chose   “apply
update from sdcard”

Step 5: Then  select  “X551_L_…” file
After  installation,  reboot  your  phone  by  clicking”
reboot  system  now “

If this guide didn’t work out for you,
kindly use the next available method.
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19 thoughts on “Problem Recieving OTA update on Your Device? Here is a Quick Fix”

  1. Mr Yomi, I have an issue with my Infinix hot device, I revived it I got bricked. I was not a blue to logon to any Google services on it. Starting from play store to email. What might actually be the problem with this device.???

    • The trick I use is to do this
      Go to your access point settings
      Port 8080 off your data and switch on now your Google play will be working but it will affect other browsers like ucweb most site will not work properly
      Advice if you have very important thing to download through Google play input ip after remove it thanks

    • Second method you have to do it often and often your phone must be rooted use any file manager I suggest xplore get to the root of your phone your will see a folder named etc open it you will see host delete it Google play is back if its stop again repeat the same procedure note your must grant anything grantable e.g show hidden files thanks

  2. Mr yomi I know this is not the right tread but please help I collected one old Toshiba PC just to help the person to change the ram because its too small 256mb I removed the ram to look for the type unfortunately not found I put the ram back the PC did not function properly again the PC on but the led light is blinking sound is also blinking but the fan is working also it the not display anything so please help am not the owner just to help oooo


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