Infinixmobility Want to Help You Upgrade Your Device to The Latest Lollipop OS

Despite the fact that steps has been broken into ABC on how to
upgrade your infinix device, to the latest lollipop os, some people are still
finding it very difficult to do. Just like the way 10 divide 0 is so difficult for a
mass communication student is the same way this lollipop upgrade is difficult
to some Infinix lovers.

Infinix mobility Team are very caring and they’ve decided to attend
to you all one after the other. If you are finding it difficult to upgrade you
Infinix Hot Note, Hot Note Pro and Infinix Hot2 to the latest Lollipop 5.1, kindly
walk into any Carlcare Service center in Nigeria to upgrade your Infinx Hot
Note, Hot Note Pro and Hot 2 devices to the latest Android Lollipop version
with systems update and brand new XUI.

Walk into any of the Carlcare Service centers below to get started.
Please click the image below to view Carlcare centres closer
to you.
Make I no here say you are still unable to upgrade to lollipop
oooo if not you’ll trek from Lagos to Sambisa…
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11 thoughts on “Infinixmobility Want to Help You Upgrade Your Device to The Latest Lollipop OS”

  1. Try to download another launcher from play store, update your Adobe app and for the unfortunate message, Try heading over to the application manager by tapping settings>application manager>swipe left to all apps>tap over SMS app>clear its cache and the data stored and then again try opening the messaging app and see if things work good for you !

  2. Bros, have downloaded anoda launcher. So it has stopped. But d problem is dat it always take morethan 10minutes for my d fone to come up. Probably d fone is hanging or bootloop probs.

    • my broda blik say u dey read my mind I go soon buy infinix..wen infinix is giving their customers new upgrade other fone dey dull

  3. this adobe air and dsame issue happen to a friend of mine, he reset the fone like 5 times..but he later got the solution wen he took it to someone and dey later run a new OS on it all over again amd it work finally..d problem is here already tak ur infinix fone to dem let dem run new OS on it lik the upgrade Prof is saying and ur fone wil work again perfectly.


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