Google’s link shortener is officially dead and buried

So we officially say Goodbye forever to Google url shorter yesterday. It is now dead and buried and will never be resurrected again.

The Google URL shortener ( was launched in December 2009, however the need for link shorteners has largely gone away over the past few years, and started to wind down last year.

It was already unavailable to new users as of May 2018, but now it’s gone for everyone.

Existing links will still work, but it’s now impossible to create new ones.

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18 thoughts on “Google’s link shortener is officially dead and buried”

  1. I’ve never heard of this shortener
    But this one Google is killing off its products like this, I wonder what’s happening at the top

  2. That’s Google own 10year challenge, haha. They’ve tried but I’m not gonna miss the URL shortener, I only did use it like a few times. Also, I just publish a post on the most popular torrent sites to visit 2019, you should check it out.


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