Solution to Android Internal Storage is Full

Are you having insufficient memory, despite the fact that
you still have up to 8GB internal memory on your Android smartphone? One of the most
annoying messages that can ever pop up is the issue of not enough memory on
your Android device when you can still see some free space… Perhaps you might
have deleted most of your applications and it still seems not to fix the memory
issue… then I’ll urge you to take a seat and read carefully.
I have written series of tutorial on how to increase the internal memory of any Android phone ranging from Link2sd, Apps2sd, Force2sd etc but this tutorial
you are about to read is different; and I know its going to fix your memory

How Can I Solve “Internal Storage is Full”
==>SystemCleanup: This application helps you sanitize
your Android device, clear and clean your cache like hanging mucus on your
device. If your Android device is misbehaving in most cases, what you need is
just a system clean up. You can download it from Google play or here
==>Gemini App Manager: This application is a bad good
app… maybe you’ve used apps2sd and its not moving all your apps to SD card,
then this genius app will fix it for you.
Gemini app manager allows you  move all the applications on your phone
internal memory including Facebook app,Twitter and whatsapp to your SD card. Not
only can you move your apps to SD card but also set your default storage memory
to SD card. Once you are done moving, you can then reboot your device and you’ll
no longer see that disgusting message again.
Download it here

Confuse? Then ask your question.
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32 thoughts on “Solution to Android Internal Storage is Full”

  1. Prof I just rooted my infinix hot and I have successfuly changed my Imei to that of blackberry but whenever I change my APN to the internet connectivity sign in my phone wud refuses coming up. Wat do I do. I rili nid ur help. Corneliuseba thanks boss

    • Sorry for late reply(s)… been under water for the past 48hrs.

      If you've successfully changed your imie and your H isn't coming up, then you are trying it on the wrong sim port. Ensure that you changed your apn to the right sim port your changed to BB IMEI. Or better still, change your imei again.

  2. Prof am having serious problems with my Glo network, after changing the imei of my gionee e3 to BlackBerry imei.. My problem is that the H on my phone keeps going on and off, its never steady, at most it stays for less than 5mins if am lucky an hour. Even when I leave my house its the same issue. The H never stays and to even download is a problem. Last month I bearly use up to 2Gig before it expired coz of network issue.

    • Yes it is, when i first activated it i used a blackberry device before inserting it into my android. and i just even extended my subscription coz i could not use more than 2Gig bcoz of H disappearance. To crown it up the voice call is horrible, at first i tot it was my area, but i move around alot and its same condition.. oga prof help

  3. Good day my one and only prof, please I really need your help o!
    Am using TECNO M3 and when I connect to my charger it'll will show sign that it's charging but my percent is not increasing… please help me out am still using my follow come battery and changer…thanks and GOD bless you.

  4. Pls pro… I did d bbmidid and bblited.. But both stopped after using 10mb and 15 mb respectively… Pls is d unlimited still working


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