Should we be expecting 5G Smartphones from Infinix in 2019?

Should we be expecting a 5G smartphones from infinix in 2019?

Just like other brands like Huawei, LG and others have announced the introduction of 5G smartphones beginning from 2019,

Online smartphone brand Infinix Mobile will diversify into 5G segment and content services in India after making its place among the top five players in the business.

5G smartphones

The company’s parent Transsion with its three brands itel, Tecno and Infinix has emerged as the fifth largest player in the Indian mobile phone industry by capturing 4 percent market share in the first quarter of 2018, according to Counterpoint Research.

“The best preparation for future is to make customers happy so that they give try to product second time. We want to be among top 5 online players after which we will diversify business,” Jiang said on sidelines on launching Note 5 smartphone.

“We are not just trading, we want to develop phones here. All Infinix sold in India are build from CKD level (from circuit level) here. we want to bring in ecosystem group of business, not only phones. In two years, there will be more products in other categories. We have already started content in some countries,” Jiang said.

The company is bringing product in all price segment, Infinix India CEO Anish kapoor said.

“Online is a very competitive. The reaction of customers in instant on e-commerce sites. Our many products have been rated above four stars online which means we have been doing good,” he said.

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23 thoughts on “Should we be expecting 5G Smartphones from Infinix in 2019?”

  1. Yea. At list if we have 5g network in Nigeria then their speed would be upto Normal 4g speed. Because most of the 4g speed in Nigeria now is just like 3g.

  2. It one thing for them to produce 5g enabled devices and another for us to have the infrastructure deployed by our telecommunications companies.. So let’s keep our fingers crossed because even 4g is still elusive to most people.

  3. I can’t wait
    To the telecommunications they should work on improving their service some places are still struggling with edge..

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