Download Android 6.0 Boot Animation on Your Android Device Here

While we are still waiting for Android  Marshmallow 6.0 to roll out to eligible
Android devices must especially  Infinix Hot 2 AndroidOne devices, let  me wet your appetite with the
beautiful Android Marshmallow boot animation zip. Atleast you are going to have
an experience of this. 

NOTE Most Samsung devices are not compatible with
traditional Android boot animation files such as this one, so this won’t work
on any Galaxy devices unless you’re
running an AOSP-based custom rom

==>Make sure that your device is rooted and cwm recovery properly installed.


==>Enable USB debugging of your
android device, simply go to settings >> Developers option.

==>download Android 6.0 boot animation file here
==>place it in your Sdcard or phone memory
==>boot into recovery (press
and hold Volume Down button + press Power button)
to the recovery main menu, then select install
, then select the Android 6.0 boot animation zip file and install.

Once the installation process is complete, restart your device and have a feel
of Android 6 boot animation.
It works  on most
Android devices.
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31 thoughts on “Download Android 6.0 Boot Animation on Your Android Device Here”

  1. Oga yomi Prof, pls my phone is going craze, when I turn on the data, it starts download things on it own And showing me all kinds of rubbish. I have formatted d fone, But to no avail. Pls I need help. Thanks It's Techno n9

    • Hello Kay,
      First of all, you need an active antivirus on your android device to checkmate viruses.

      Secondly, Launch the Google Play Store app and swipe out the navigation drawer on the left hand side>>>Choose settings.

      and under the ‘General’ subcategory choose ‘Auto-update apps’ which will state the current setting of this function.

      >>>Tapping on this option will provide you with three options which can be reconfigured at any time. You have either 1) Do not auto-update apps 2) Auto-update apps at any time. Data Charges may apply and 3) Auto-update apps over Wifi only.

      >>Choose the first one which means you will always need to manually launch an update in the future, if you so desire. You should still receive update notifications to alert you when an app needs updating though.

      Finally, download greenify, it will help you checkmate those apps.

    • Emm.. I extracted d marshmallow boot animation from d zip file nd backd up my stock boot animation with Es file explorer first, den deleted d stock boot animation nd nw paste d marshmallow boot animation dat I extracted from d zip nd paste it in system/media. in replace of d 1 I deleted n nw reboot my phone… D phone was unable 2 boot, #my mind come fly# it was only showing #EXPERIENCE SMART LIFE# den I removed d bar3 nd put it back n nw On d phone again, it was still showing d same tin, den I left it in 4 like 40 seconds, choi d phone come boot oh.. But der was no boot animation… I immediately rushed bck 2 my stock boot animation backup nd pasted it bck 2 system/media nd everything came bck 2 normal… (I get Mind tsha…) D reason why I did nt flash d boot animation like u instructed was bcus I didn't wan 2 luz dat #Experiace Smart Life b4 d main boot animation# d last time I flashed Samsung boot animation I couldn't remove d Samsung logo again after I wanted 2 cum back 2 stock Boot animation den I had 2 flash new rom via MTK…

  2. Prof I can't find install on on my tecno y6 I only see apply update from sdcard, so I decided to apply the update but it's not working it's saying installation aborted any idea of what's wrong with my phone?

    How do I know if my cwm is well installed too?

    • Yes, installation aborted because you don't have CWM installed on your Y6 even though its rooted. I think you are the owner naa… so you should know if you installed cwm or you have your stock recovery image intact.


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