MTN 5G Network to be Available in Nigeria before 2020

Beginning from the first quarter of 2019, we’ll begin to see 5G enabled smartphone and MTN has promised to start 5G deployment before 2020.

According to MTN, “5G will make our life better, drive incremental capacity and open up new businesses. MTN as a company is constantly making efforts to break barriers by democratising voice and data connectivity in order to improve subscriber experience, and has invested over N800bn in infrastructure in Nigeria.”

mtn 5G

You’ll recall that Earlier this year, MTN Nigeria conducted her first ever 5G technology test in partnership with ericsson and hit 20Gbps with less than 5ms latency in the 5G trial. MTN has received a temporary license for 800MHz of spectrum in the 15GHz band to conduct its 5G trials.

And at TECHFEST, Mtn introduced how 5G network will be like.

MTN Nigeria says it will start the commercial deployment of 5G technology before 2020. I wonder how the speed will be like… how many seconds it will take to download a 5GB file.

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22 thoughts on “MTN 5G Network to be Available in Nigeria before 2020”

  1. Is this a country deploying what nonsense, how many Nigerians even in Lagos can boast of at least 3mbps download speed, using 4G. I currently use airtel 4G and i downloaded yesterday with the top speed being 950kbps. We didn’t truly 3G, most areas don’t even have 4G. Now we talking about 5G. When will they have time to deploy the right infrastructure to develop their broadband across the country. Now by 2023 they will be running another cat raise.. What a country..

  2. This is impressive cos no matter how bad MTN is, they still deliver. And to think some people are still struggling with 3G.. Lol

  3. at least there’s enough time for them to perfect the roll out. other telcos should come and see how it’s done ??

  4. Na wa for MTN is like there head is touching. the are now looking for ways to zap people. When there 4g is not everywhere na wa oh

  5. there Is no 4g available in some state and they’re still talking about 5g.
    I wonder when we’ll be using the 4g self

  6. They should improve on 3G speed first and make d present 4G available at every nook and cranny of Nigeria. Yeye emtyHead!


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