You Can Now Download BlackBerry IMEI Generator on Your Android Phone

I think this is a great innovation… those of you that has always wanted to generate BlackBerry IMEI from phone, the good news is you can now do that with ease. You don’t need to wait to have a PC before generating BlackBerry IMEI; you can do that at the
comfort of your device.

I was reading through Nairaland this evening when I stumbled on a post where a Nairalander developed the apk version of BlackBerry imei generator. This is really a welcome development. No more “Yomi please help me generate 20 BlackBerry iMEI”

Download it here

What do you think?

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29 thoughts on “You Can Now Download BlackBerry IMEI Generator on Your Android Phone”

  1. I know dis thread is not right place make this plain. Am having issues while streaming with mx player, the error report is: s/w decoder not supported. Pls can u help Me to fix dis. Tanks

    • Did you back up your stock rom before formating? Because I don't trust the stock rom you downloaded. Try and get another H5 if you didn't back up your stock rom, then flash it again.


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