Facebook Launches ‘Facebook lite’ Android App For Low Level Android Phones

Facebook‘s officials just launched its app which is a lot better than it used to be. This Facebook lite app is made for those using a lower level Android device in an area where network connection is worst… Android users with older or
cheaper phones, and users in areas where it’s hard to find a reliable data
connection will find this app meaningful.

Facebook Lite is relatively tiny for an app from a major
social network, weighing in at only a quarter of a megabyte – a crucial stat if
you live in a place that can only get 2G data access. FB lite is just 252KB and I bet its faster than a new Honda SUV car.

You can download it from the link below

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8 thoughts on “Facebook Launches ‘Facebook lite’ Android App For Low Level Android Phones”

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  1. Thanks prof.
    Please I have an issue. I bought a Gionee p4 running on kitkat and it's been hell trying to root the phone. Please sir any solution? Thanks.

    • How To Root Gionee P4

      If you root your Android then you’ll lose your
      So be careful and do at your own risk ..
      Process :
      1. Install and Open Root Master 1.3.6
      2. Tap Mulai Root (The loading might take
      some time).
      3. Then tap Root .
      4. At last tap Batal.
      5. Reboot your Gionee P4 After the reboot
      you’ll see Android is upgrading .
      6. That’s all. Now you can enjoy your rooted
      Gionee P4.

      Download room master here

  2. Thanks Prof. I was able to root my Gionee P4.

    Please prof how can I change IMEI of Nokia XL? And must the phone be rooted before I can do that? If yes, please how do I root Nokia XL? Thanks. A friend of mine has been disturbing the daylight out of me to root his XL.


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