Get 200MB From Airtel For 12Months

I know this is not new at all… I just decided to bring it up
for those who are currently clamping for MB’. You can actually tweak your imeito get 200MB from Airtel NG. Its like the normal way and normal method of
tweaking your imei for that of Etisalat NG but it seems guys have consumed the
whole of Etisalat IMEI. So watch out for those of you who are just getting new
phones from Jumia or the brother Konga, if they

promise you free 500MB, think
twice because the IMEI might have been used.

How Do I Get Airtel 200MB

==>Make use of this IMEI 359005051
==>go to choose
imei analyzer
==>Add 5 number of your choice then imei analyzer will
generate the check digit for you.
Once you are done getting the imei, tweak it to your phone.
I guess everyone knows how to do that
==>Then send SMART to 141 and 200MB will be smiling at
Are you new  to IMEI

Follow this steps here
If it work for you, please don’t use all the imei, save the future generation.
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29 thoughts on “Get 200MB From Airtel For 12Months”

    • Sorry no tutorial on that. I don't knw why domain king purchase is giving u headache. Payings is so simple. Hope you are not using mobile phone for this purchase if not you are wasting your time.

      Do it from a computer system

  1. Prof the only thing that is giving me headache is the fact that I don't know what domainking and Voguepay needs.

    I don't trust Voguepay, that's why I don't want to give them my bank account details, some day, they can just vanish all the money from my bank account, that's why I didn't use master card, I tried funding my e wallet but I didn't see my Voguepay account details so as for me to pay it into my wallet, they should have at least given me a payment I.D or I guess I don't know how it works. please Prof can you enlightened me?

    as for domainking I didn't see the ATM option or I guess I didn't know the other name for it, so please can you help me by telling me the other name or maybe give me a little procedure to follow.
    please can you send me your bank details so as for me to send the money to your bank in order for you to get it for me, I will send you my domainking login details.

    please Prof watcha say. I really need a final solution today.

    • Hello David,

      One thing about online business is that you must be willing to take risk… Voguepay is just a platform where Domainking charges you. They won't vanish your money so long your web url has https// which means it is secured.

      Every E-commerce site makes use of voguepay or other payment platform. They are not thieves. So I'll advice you go and pay via that method. I would have help you pay but something wiill still warrant you to pay for somehting online. Be willing to take risk!

  2. Oga yomi pls I need help in rooting my infinix zero and I also wanna knw if d airtel bb sub for 3g works on android whose imei is already change to bb's and so goes for mtn Bis will it work too.thanks

  3. prof.pls i entered d wrong codes ten times on ma glo E303 modem while trying to unlock it.pls is dia any way u can help me sire


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