Solution To Etisalat Bis Not Connecting On Non BB Device

Good morning guys, as promised, that I will be rolling out
an updated solution for those who have subscribed to the Etisalat bis plan but
can’t use their 3GB once the 15mb get exhausted and to those who still desired
to re-subscribed.  I just can’t imagine
how bad it is for Android, iPhone & PC users not been able to access the
net because of this sudden illegal change on Etisalat bis.

And to those who are insinuating that the Etisalat Bis has
been blocked on non bb device, i’m glad to announce to you that it has not been
block at all because I am still using it and I’ll still re-subscribe once my
current plan get exhausted.
Back to business, to those who have subscribed for this plan
but can’t browse with it once the 15mb get exhausted, just do the following;
==>Get  or borrow a
blackberry phone
==>Insert that sim that contain 3GB (You will notice that
you can’t even ping with the so called 3GB even on your bb device)
==>Call customer care by dialing 200 and tell them to
activate bb complete package for you that it’s currently not active on your
==>Once it’s been activated, surf with it on that same
blackberry phone and make sure you ping with it (Just to be sure it’s been
==>Now, subscribe for the bb10 15mb again on that same bb
device and wait for the confirmation message that your bb10 daily bis is now
Once it’s confirm active, you can remove your sim and set
your apn to  on any
device you wish to use then connect.
Note: Even if it means borrowing a phone from your enemy
just to perform the steps above, do it. And if you wish to reactivate the plan
again, just follow the above steps.
If you don’t have a Blackberry phone, don’t reactivate it
again or you kiss your money goodbye.  
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38 thoughts on “Solution To Etisalat Bis Not Connecting On Non BB Device”

  1. I Deeply appreciate wat ur doin.. but one major fuck up wif dis plan call nd reach etisalat call centre or agent na wahala… Nd secondly I don't noe if d code for d daily plan still works cos I tried nd I kept seein operation failure… Pls can you tell me hw to subscribe via text message?

    • i tryed reachn customer care yesterday and i was able to get them one hand. One thing i still don't understand with dem is if they have stop the bis package on bb touch.. Before you do any sub, just try and call customer care to confirm before u waste ur money.

      to subscribe for the daily bis text COD to 399

  2. i re-subscribe by using my blackberry phone i get all confirmation sms after exhausting the 15mb it stop working,my 3072mb still remain intact. i return my sim to the bb phone is no more browsing too

    • Call customer care… they have hand in this. I did thesame yesterday on a bb touch and it wasn't even active, so i called customer care and i was told that biscomplete has been deactivated on bb touch that my money will be refunded.

      Just try and called 200 and follow the command 1 8 1 to get through to customer care.

  3. First of all, i have always thought of doing this….I ACTUALLY DID IT…..i even used it to ping and download some stupid apps from blackberry world just to use the data a little….my data balance is now 3045mb….THE PROBLEM IS IT STILL WONT BROWSE ON MY ANDROID..i have been using it on my Gionee E6 before. btu after reusubing e no gree work again……

    this na real problem. anytime i try to connect on my droid, a notification from etisalat pop ups and tells you to 'sign into network'… opens your browser with some funny IP address as the webpage but it wont still connect. kai , i have been away from instagram and twitter for 3 days….

    prof wat do i do?

    • Hello Ugo, sorry about what you are passing thru but the only solution to this for now is if you can have you way around the bb10 daily package. If you can activate it on it, will work for you.

    • thanks for the promt reply, i got the 10 mb ontop of my 3050mb (used it on an ememy's BB phone….LOL…) but now its browsing….but it seems i am browsing from my 15mb account bcos it is reducing while the 3050 remains untouched.

  4. I tried d above process u posted @ yomi i bt its stl no working on my android bt working on bb. d problem is dat, i cnteven subscribe to bb10 daily. weneva i dial d code, it doesnt give me any reply. Pls come 2 my rescue @ yomiprof

  5. Did u just say airtel bis is still working on non bb device? Yomi pls re sure about dis? Coz I need to browse on ma pc !!! Kindly reply as soon as possible ..

  6. Airtel BIS is working well, is wat am using now to post ds msg, but could not subcribe for d 4G today, had to subscribe for d 2G plan,
    YOmi can u confirm if d 4G BIS for 1500 has been blocked

  7. hello prof etisalat dey do wonder oooo my sub. fee of 1000 was refunded to my acct. after i used two days to disturb their customer care to complain to them that my bb subscription is not active what do think i should do now should i try the new method or still hold on for a new update


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