How to Disable Automatic Download of OTA Updates on Your Android Smartphone

Lots of
you have been asking how to disable automatic OTA updates… lots of you experienced
automatic OTA update and you really don’t like it most especially those of
you using devices that supports Android 6.0 Marshmallow update.

going to give you a simple guide on how to disable automatic OTA updates on
your Android devices. Infinix hot 2 has actually given a lot of individual
headache, heartache and moneyache but don’t worry, I’ll make this guide simple
and easy for none techy dudes.

sure you device is rooted… You can see guide here on how to root your device in
less than 5min
disable services from google play
you’ve ensure you have the above in place, then you can go ahead with the steps

1. Launch
the application you downloaded “disable services”

2. Click
on system tab
3. Scroll
down to Google play services and click on it. You’ll see lists of google play

4. Scroll down to SystemUpdateService>>>
Tap it and wait..

5. Grant
disable service Super User priviledge by tapping grant.
6. SystemUpdateService should now be
unticked and in red, meaning it is disabled

You can then return back to your home screen and never
expect any further OTA updates on your Mediatek
Android devices. But note that if by any means you want to update to the latest
OS, you’ll need to unroot your device, then download the OTA and install.

Are you totally confuse? Ask your questions.
Image credit: Team Hovatek

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